State Auto Offers ID Theft Risk Tool to Policyholders and Prospects

ID RiskCompass, an online tool developed with State Auto partner IDentity Theft 911, helps users determine their risk for identity theft and provides recommendations for safeguarding identity.

(Screenshot of question progress within State Auto’s ID RiskCompass tool.)

State Auto (Columbus, Ohio) has introduced ID RiskCompass, an online tool that helps users determine their risk for identity theft and provides recommendations for safeguarding identity. Powered by IDentity Theft 911, ID RiskCompass is designed for ease-of-use and is available to both policyholders and the general public.

“It’s clear that the risk of ID theft is something at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, and were one of the first insurers to offer ID theft protection as part of our personal insurance policies,” comments Kyle Anderson, a spokesperson for State Auto. “The ability for consumers to use web-based tools to analyze the risk is consistent with where this program has come since we introduced it in 2009.”

Kyle Anderson, State Auto.

Kyle Anderson, State Auto.

The ID RiskCompass was created to assess the risk of individuals at risk of identity theft – a vast category that includes anyone who has a Social Security number and any online presence. The tool asks users nine questions about various exposures, including the state in which the user resides, whether the user has have antivirus software on their computer or laptop, password habits, and other relevant queries, according to Anderson. Once users complete the questions, they are given an overall score of their possible risk for identity theft, and recommendations on how to help avoid it.

State Auto partners with IDentity Theft 911 to provide an Identity Theft Protection Program for home, farm, condo, and renter customers at no additional charge. The program provides up to $15,000 of coverage to pay for expenses incurred as a result of identity theft; help with restoring one’s identity after a breach has occurred; and education and prevention assistance. Our infographic shows the full spectrum of identity theft protection included in the coverage.

State Auto’s introduction of ID RiskCompass is consistent with the carrier’s view of the utility of information technology for customer experience and engagement, according to Anderson. “We feel very firmly that technology is an enabler for consumers, that it can provide ease-of-access to information and tools that will enhance their financial security, which is an important aspect of our vision as a company,” he says. “To that end we are continually looking for opportunities through both our own internal IT development and our partners to offer resources to our customers and those who are not yet State Auto customers.”

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