Starr Insurance Selects Duck Creek Policy OnDemand

The longtimem Duck Creek customer will use the SaaS system to replace the existing policy administration system for the Starr Technical Risks business unit.

(Image source: Starr Insurance Companies homepage.)

Starr Insurance Companies (New York), a global insurance and investment organization and a longtime user of Duck Creek Distribution Management, has selected Duck Creek Policy to replace its existing policy administration system for the Starr Technical Risks business unit, according to a Duck Creek (Boston) statement. Starr will implement Policy via Duck Creek OnDemand, the vendor’s SaaS platform for the P&C insurance industry. Duck Creek’s support of complex international business with a multi-currency and multilingual solution was a driving factor behind Starr’s business decision, according to the Duck Creek statement. Digital transformation company Mindtree, which has a longtime relationship with Starr and is a Duck Creek Premier Partner, will provide solutioning, implementation, global rollout, and support services.

Seeking to improve UI experiences for its internal users, Starr determined that Duck Creek Policy OnDemand was the best modern policy administration system available, according to the Duck Creek statement. The company plans to build its own bespoke customer-facing presence on top of Policy, such “headless” deployments being a well-known strength of solutions built on the Duck Creek Platform.

Duck Creek describes its Policy system as enabling property/casualty companies to deliver insurance products at scale in an era of rapid, customer-centric innovation and growth. Policy supports the full policy lifecycle process with automation and workflow management capabilities, an integrated development environment for insurance products, and pre-built content, so that providers can go to market faster, increase operational efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction. Duck Creek says the system is built using low-code tools and delivered in a SaaS model.

More Tailored User Experience

“Duck Creek Policy supports our complex specialty lines worldwide,” comments Richard Shaak, President, International Insurance, Starr Insurance Companies. “The software lets us create a more tailored user experience for our internal resources and roll out additional capabilities such as intuitive forms and superior user interfaces for our clients. This system will help us to exceed customer expectations and further enhance our position as a global commercial insurance leader.”

Nag Vaidyanathan, CTO, Duck Creek.

Duck Creek says its OnDemand end-to-end SaaS solution provides all of the services, support, and computing resources needed to help insurance organizations move faster and more efficiently than ever before. “By leveraging the best available technology and continuously delivering new functionality to solve ever-changing property/casualty insurance business challenges, OnDemand enables a fundamentally new approach to competing in today’s industry—one where technology supports strategy rather than dictating it, and where providers are empowered to focus on innovation in entirely new ways,” the vendor statement says.

“Starr’s size and global presence require scalable SaaS solutions like Duck Creek Policy that can underpin its operations now as well as scale to meet its goals well into the future,” comments Nag Vaidyanathan, CTO, Duck Creek Technologies. “Our team is proud to support Starr as it moves forward with its digital transformation and adoption of evergreen SaaS technology, and to provide the solutions and expertise it needs to accelerate its success.”

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