Spanish Startup Bdeo Launches Property Claims Automation Solution

Visual Intelligence technology and advanced computer vision algorithms let insurers identify causes of property claims at an earlier stage, reducing resources and time spent.

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Bdeo, a Madrid-based provider of visual intelligence solutions for auto insurers, has launched a property claims automation solution. The vendor says its Visual Intelligence technology and advanced computer vision algorithms let insurers identify the cause of a customer’s claim at an earlier stage, improve resource management, and reduce the number of people needed to process a claim by half.

Ana Asuero, Chief Product Officer, Bdeo.

“How insurers manage a property insurance claim is one of the most sensitive touch points in terms of customer loyalty,” comments Ana Asuero, Chief Product Officer, Bdeo. “We want to help companies reduce the time between the notification of a claim and its resolution. Our goal is to provide a technological solution that allows companies to automate processes, be more efficient, and improve customer expectations.”

Bdeo launched in 2017 with an auto claims automation solution. During 2020, the vendor saw demand for its solutions skyrocket as a result of COVID, and now works with 30 insurance providers in 20 countries across Europe and Latin America. The startup raised €5M in November 2020 for its expansion, bringing its total investment to €6.5M.

Julio Pernía, CEO, Bdeo.

Bdeo says its property claims automation solution addresses common inefficiencies in the claims processes and is designed to serve as a solution at times of high demand, such as storms or droughts During these times, a vendor statement says, mobility is often reduced, but property owners demand more from their insurers. The company says it offers the technology to process claims quickly and remotely, resulting in greater policyholder satisfaction at critical moments.

Automation, Innovation and Trust

“We want to make Bdeo a leader in Visual Intelligence, a technology capable of transforming the property and auto insurance sectors,” comments Julio Pernía, CEO, Bdeo. “We know that it is important to have a strong brand identity that reflects our mission and values to achieve this goal, and that is what we have managed to convey with our rebranding which places automation, innovation, and trust front-and-center.”

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