Southern Farm Bureau Life Adopts AlphaTrust e-Sign from iPipeline

Accommodating customers’ desire to e-sign in face-to-face meetings accelerated SFBL’s straight-through processing by eliminating signature delays and streamlining policy servicing.

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Southern Farm Bureau Life (SFBL; Jackson, Miss.) has adopted iPipeline’s (Exton, Pa.) AlphaTrust e-Sign to enhance customer experience for policy servicing. SFBL’s decision to implement AlphaTrust e-Sign was based on the customer’s ability to e-sign with greater security within SFBL’s platform versus a third-party website, automatic signature notifications, private labeling, and price competitiveness, according to an iPipeline announcement.

“The AlphaTrust e-Sign integration resulted in unexpected advantages for us,” comments Charlie Allen, CTO, Southern Farm Bureau Life. “We rapidly realized most of our customers wanted to e-sign in face-to-face meetings. This accelerated our straight-through processing by eliminating signature delays and streamlining policy servicing—a win-win for us and our customers.”

The iPipeline solution’s automatic generation of e-Sign notifications was another factor in SFBL’s decision, according to Allen.  “It notifies us when all parties have completed their signatures and eliminates a manually executed verification process,” he says. “Having AlphaTrust e-Sign integrated into our platform is a big plus for us. We have substantially improved our customer journey and anticipate extending the value of AlphaTrust e-Sign throughout our selling and servicing process.”

Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline.

Addressing Customers Security Concerns

“Despite what many may think, all e-Signature products are not created equal,” comments Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline. “One of the barriers to customer adoption is leaving the security of the carrier’s website to e-Sign at a third-party destination.  This kind of experience can create security concerns for customers. AlphaTrust e-Sign has an outstanding API, and we fully embed e-Sign within the carrier’s site. We also do not force co-branding on our customers and recognize their need to uniquely brand the e-Sign experience.  All these capabilities add up to make AlphaTrust e-Sign a highly attractive and competitive product in today’s marketplace.”

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