South Carolina Farm Bureau Selects ZestyAI Solutions

The insurer will use ZestyAI’s property intelligence solutions to optimize the inspection process for and accurately assess property risk.

(Image source: ZestyAI.)

South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company (SCFBMIC; Cayce, S.C.) has selected ZestyAI’s (San Francisco) property analytics solutions to optimize the inspection process for SCFBMIC and accurately assess property risk, according to a statement from the vendor.

Randall Graham, Regional Underwriting Manager, SCFBMIC.

ZestyAI reports that SCFBMIC will use the vendor’s property risk analytics, including Digital Roof and Location Insights products, which use computer vision and machine learning to extract insights from aerial and satellite imagery, tax assessments, building permits, and infrastructure data, among other unique data sources, for over 150 million residential and commercial properties.

“Our priority is delivering a personalized and positive experience to our customers,” comments Randall Graham, Regional Underwriting Manager, SCFBMIC. With that in mind, we recognize that on-site inspections are both costly and time-consuming, and that can impact customer satisfaction. By leveraging ZestyAI’s comprehensive property insights, we will be able to better manage our on-site inspection process, identifying the properties that need that extra level of attention, allocating our field inspection resources to the properties where they are needed the most.”

“Insurers need accurate, property-specific data to help them determine the true risk for each property,” comments Attila Toth, Founder and CEO of ZestyAI. “By leveraging our Z-PROPERTY Location Insights and Digital Roof products, SCFBMIC has access to key insights such as roof quality, the presence of secondary structures, solar panels, skylights, and information on roof penetrations, as well as vegetation density, and even yard debris for every property. With this information, they are empowered to make informed and transparent risk decisions to continue to deliver best-in-class services to their valued customers.”

Attila Toth, CEO,

SCFBMIC will use ZestyAI’s Digital Roof to comprehensively assess roof risk condition and value, ZestyAI says. AI-generated 3D analysis goes beyond roof quality to assess facets, angles, penetrations, and objects for unparalleled insights into roof condition, complexity, and potential points of failure, according to the vendor. ZestyAI says its Location Insights solution delivers highly accurate property information on the parcel and structure for all properties in the U.S., all of which are obtained instantly without ever stepping on-site. Location Insights identifies high-risk property features, such as swimming pools, trampolines, lot debris, and overhanging vegetation, for accurate underwriting, precise rating, and transparency with customers.

Leveraging this data will allow SCFBMIC to provide their customers with faster and more accurate service by looking at individual property features to make better risk decisions, according to the vendor. Because features are assessed without ever stepping foot on the property, using them allows for a less intrusive, more efficient, process, even in remote or difficult-to-access areas, Zesty AI says.

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