Sopra Steria Adds Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation to New Offering

A successful Lean Process Automation Services implementation for a utilities client paves the way for Sopra Steria help clients in the insurance and other industries to execute key operations more effectively, more securely and with greater agility, using Blue Prism ERPA capabilities.

(Photo of Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot, different in purpose but not principle to Blue Prism’s ERPA capabilities. Photo credit: Gnsin.)

European IT services company Sopra Steria (Annecy le vieux, France) will incorporate Blue Prism’s (London) enterprise robotic process automation (ERPA) software into a new Lean Process Automation Services offering.

Jamie Bisker, Senior Analyst, Aite Group.

Jamie Bisker, Senior Analyst, Aite Group.

Sopra Steria, which provides business process services to several industries, announced that it is now successfully delivering a program with a leading client in the utilities sector while also deploying internally within the group to drive operational benefit. The successful initiative positions Sopra Steria to help its clients explore the potential of these services across other industries including insurance, banking, energy, retail and telecommunications, enabling them to execute key operations more effectively, more securely and with greater agility, the vendor asserts.

“The key concept for insurers and other financial service providers to grasp from this announcement is that smarter processing elements can be much more granular than those with which they are most familiar,” advises Jamie Bisker, a Columbus, Ohio-based senior analyst with Aite Group. “The idea of ERPA marks the beginning of a process renaissance.”

ERPA’s value for improving core business processes is indisputable, according to Mark Roberts, Commercial Sector Director for Sopra Steria in the UK. “We are committed to giving our customers best-of-breed services for business process delivery and believe that ERPA can bring an extra edge to ensuring their success,” Roberts says. “Our approach is to partner with leading players in their field to bring the benefits of specialist skills and technology to bear on our clients’ business challenges.”

Sopra Steria found Blue Prism’s technical solution and innovative and collaborative an obvious choice for the vendor’s solutions, Roberts adds. “We’re keen to bring this innovation to more of our clients to help them keep ahead of their competitors,” he says.

Sopra Steria’s new solution is aimed at the mounting pressure companies face on performance and profit to stay relevant in a highly competitive business climate, according to a Blue Prism statement. While outsourcing has proven to be an effective strategy for gaining competitive advantage, the introduction of new granular levels of automation opens up even greater opportunities to optimize operations, reduce costs, increase flexibility and free up workers to focus on strategic initiatives, the statement says.

“Using this technology means that the outcome and quality of the work accomplished does not have to take a back seat to the mechanisms that accomplish it,” adds Aite Group’s Bisker. “Insurers will look anew at what automation means across their operations as a result. And stakeholders from consumers to shareholders will see outcome quality increase due to enhanced process flexibility and intelligence and not simply the ability to follow a static plan.”

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