Sompo Japan Selects EasySend No-Code Customer Journey Platform

The insurer plans to use EasySend’s no-code development platform to power its marine insurance accident notification system as the first of several applications of the technology.

(Image source: Sompo Japan website.)

Sompo Japan (Tokyo), the second-largest non-life insurance company in Japan, has selected EasySend (Tel Aviv) to introduce the vendor’s no-code digital customer journey platform into Sompo’s marine insurance accident notification system.

To meet customers’ evolving needs and expectations, Sompo Japan reports that it has devoted three digital labs, in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and Silicon Valley. Sompo Digital Labs focus on promoting digital transformation, exploring innovative, emerging start-ups, and conducting joint proof-of-concept projects with SOMPO Holding’s different business units. According to a joint statement from Sompo and EasySend, Sompo Digital Labs played a key role in introducing EasySend’s no-code development platform to Sompo Japan, resulting in a commercial agreement between the two companies aiming to improve Sompo Japan’s customer experience (CX) and work efficiency.

EasySend provides a cloud-based, no-code development platform to insurance and other financial service companies in Europe, the United States, and Israel. The company says it transforms paperwork into digital journeys in a very short period of time. EasySend says its platform does not require any programming expertise and allows non-developers to create digital journeys quickly and easily with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates. The firm asserts that its platform greatly improves CX and reduces time-to-market as well as operational costs. By continuously developing digital journeys to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, EasySend says it enables businesses to flexibly respond to the ever-changing business environment and customer needs.

Starting with Marine Insurance Accident Notification

Sompo Japan plans to implement EasySend’s no-code platform into its marine insurance accident notification system, according to the joint statement. Following this implementation stage, Sompo says it will seek to apply the platform to respond to additional customer needs. Before using EasySend’s platform at-scale, transitioning from utilizing it for claims processing alone to leveraging its capabilities for customer payments and specific accident data analyses. Sompo says it will channel its efforts towards standardizing and digitizing accident receipt documents (including images taken with a smartphone) and claims documents. Once that has been achieved, the company says it will continue to expand its efforts to continue improving its responsiveness to the ever-evolving customer environment.

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