Sollers Consulting Supports L’olivier Assurances’ Expansion into Home Insurance

An integrated team approach between insurer and consultant ensured quality and speed in the launch of the new home insurance tailored to landlords, owners and tenants.

(Image source: L’olivier Assurance website.)

L’olivier Assurance (Paris), Admiral Insurance Group’s (Cardiff, Wales) auto insurance operation in France, has expanded its product portfolio to home insurance with help from Warsaw-based Sollers Consulting. The new insurance line is tailored to three different customer segments: landlords, owners and tenants.

L’olivier Assurance has focused on auto insurance since its founding by the Admiral Group in 2010. In 2018, the rapidly growing company decided to expand its product portfolio. The new home insurance business has been implemented within its existing core system from Guidewire Software, according to a Sollers statement. Seven experts from Sollers Consulting helped L’olivier Assurance lay the technical foundation for the product launch. The launch was completed in February 2020 following a project lasting eight months.

“It was a pleasure working with Sollers Consulting,” comments Nicolas Bogucki, CIO, L’olivier. “Their strong technical knowledge and agile project management skills, as well as their ability to focus on results in all actions taken during the project, helped L’olivier accelerate the implementation. The tests showed that the quality of the implementations was at a high level.”

“Sollers’ ability to integrate quickly with our team members was key to ensuring effective teamwork and enabling L’olivier to deliver a strong and high-quality product,” Bogucki adds.

Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting.

“We would like to congratulate L’olivier on the successful completion of this project,” comments Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting. “It was a pleasure for Sollers Consulting to support L’olivier in expanding its business in a highly competitive market. The mixed team approach resulted in an effective knowledge transfer.”

Deployment via Digital Aggregators and Customer Portals

Over the next four to five months, L’olivier and Sollers Consulting will focus technical refinements of the new business line, according to the consultant. The mixed project team will prepare the product for seamless deployment via digital aggregators and customer portals, Sollers reports.

‘We look forward to continuing to support L’olivier Assurance in its growth efforts,” adds Sollers’ Pluta. “L’olivier Assurance can rely on a modern technological infrastructure. As digitalization continues, this will provide more opportunities.”

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