Sollers Consulting Partners with Insicon to Implement Low-Code i2i Core System

The partnership between the Warsaw- and Stockholm-based firms will initially target small and mid-sized insurers, as well as investments in incubator products for larger insurers in Europe.

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Sollers Consulting (Warsaw), an international operational advisory and software integrator focused on the insurance industry, has signed a partnership agreement with Insicon to implement the Stockholm-based insurance systems vendor’s low-code i2i core insurance system.

Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting.

In a joint statement, the companies say they will work together to help insurers overcome difficulties caused by outdated IT and expand their technological capabilities. Insicon describes its i2i system as enabling insurers in the Nordics and other European countries to increase efficiency and respond quickly to the market. Sollers Consulting says it will work with Insicon on implementation and business development projects around i2i.

The companies say that the partnership will initially target small and mid-sized insurers, as well as investments in incubator products for larger insurers in Europe. These are typical installations where i2i has proven successful and where Insicon has experience from customers such as ICA Insurance, Sveland and an established pan-European insurer, according to the joint statement.

“Thanks to its flexibility, Insicon’s i2i system lets insurers quickly benefit from a seamless solution for product offerings. i2i is gaining traction in many Nordic countries, but we also see significant prospects in other European countries,” comments Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting.

Strong Joint Offering

“We look forward to working with the Sollers team to help the insurance sector digitalize its processes and product offerings,” says Måns Hulterström, CEO, Insicon. “Insicon is very proud to have been selected as a Sollers partner, which is a strong indicator of quality for our solution. By combining Sollers’ scale and experience with Insicon’s modern, open, and cost-effective solution, we create a strong joint offering for the insurance sector.”

Måns Hulterström, CEO, Insicon.

Sollers Consulting and Insicon report that their specialists have identified synergies that insurers can gain from the collaboration between the two companies. By combining Sollers’ implementation experience with the flexible design of Insicon’s i2i system, the two companies say they can address the needs of insurers in different insurance markets. One of the benefits of Insicon’s low-code solution is self-management by users, who can configure all parts of a process without needing a deep understanding of IT, the joint statement says

“Thanks to i2i’s flexible setup and easy integration, insurers can benefit from low implementation costs,” adds Sollers’ Pluta. “i2i facilitates the digital and automated transformation of many process elements that are fundamental to the insurance business.”

“By combining Sollers Consulting’s experience with i2i’s adaptable and cost-effective solution, we have created a strong joint value proposition,” adds Insicom’s Hulterström. “With Sollers’ reach, our solution and capabilities will bring benefits to different levels of European insurers. We are seeing increasing interest from European insurers for flexible solutions that support automation and digital transformation.”

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