Sollers Consulting Expands Services in North America 

A new business unit based in Richmond, Va., will be led by Guidewire veteran Justin Hall.

(Richmond skyline. Image credit: Stephen Poore/Unsplash.)

To better support its insurance clients in the United States, Sollers Consulting (Warsaw) reports that it has opened an office in Richmond, Virginia. The new unit will be led by Justin Hall, who is tasked with expanding Sollers’ operations.

Justin Hall, VP, North America, Sollers Consulting.

“I am excited to join Sollers, which has always demonstrated a strong commitment to operational excellence in projects,” comments Hall. “U.S. insurers face unique business challenges: claims costs are rising rapidly; and customer expectations are high—especially for digital products, new policy offerings and streamlined claims processing. But legacy technologies are handcuffing insurers.”

Hall, who joined Sollers after 16 years at Guidewire Software (San Mateo, Calif.), has supported nine U.S. insurance carriers over the years. Currently, Sollers professionals members are assisting Amica Mutual (Lincoln, R.I.) and three other U.S. insurers with Guidewire digitization projects. Sollers says its new office in Richmond is the Poland-based firm’s is response to the growing need of its U.S. clients to accelerate their transformation. Hall has experience with large-scale transformation projects at insurers in the U.S., U.K. and Japan. His expertise includes transitioning from on-premise to cloud-based systems and standardizing claims management. In his new role as Vice President North America at Sollers, he will be responsible for project management and business development.

“From our customers’ responses, we have learned how great the need is for high-quality IT support in the U.S. insurance sector,” comments Michal Trochimczuk, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Sollers Consulting. “We are excited to have Justin Hall join our team. Justin will provide valuable support to our existing and new insurance industry clients. He has extensive experience in many areas of digital transformation in the sector.”

Supporting Growth Ambitions

Michał Trochimczuk, Managing Partner, Sollers Consulting.

Sollers has been active in the U.S. since 2017. In current projects, experts from the business and IT consultancy support Guidewire users in various areas of their value chain, the consultant reports. Services include policy administration, claims processing, rating, digital configuration, and integration work. With more than 700 professionals in nine offices, Sollers is the largest Guidewire partner in Europe. In addition to Guidewire-related projects, Sollers says its new U.S. unit will support insurers in the areas of cloud, process automation, data management, digital front ends, and quality assurance.

“Justin has a strong record of supporting large projects in the insurance sector,” comments Trochimczuk of Hall’s appointment. “He is valued for his mentoring and leadership skills, which will help Sollers with its growth ambitions.”

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