Solera Launches Browser-Based Intelligent Triage to Transform FNOL

The new solution is designed to fully automate the triage process, providing valuable insights, and optimizing time for claims handlers and loss adjusters.

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Solera Global Corp (Westlake, Texas) has launched Intelligent Triage a web browser-based solution that the vendor says eliminates the need for extensive integrations or software installations. This global visual intelligence service empowers claims handlers to swiftly and accurately assess whether a damaged vehicle is repairable or a total loss, right from the first notice of loss (FNOL), a vendor statement says. Insurers can simply add this solution to their current claims handling workflow as a proof-of-concept, and if satisfied with the result, can fully automate the triage process through API integration, the vendor says.

Highlights of the solution include the following, as described by Solera:

  • Early identification of probable total losses, leading to prompt action and effective resolution
  • Intelligent triage compatibility with any estimating platform
  • Streamlined processes to save loss adjusters’ time, especially for intricate cases
  • Prompt identification of potentially unsafe-to-drive vehicles
  • Improved policyholder safety and heightened satisfaction throughout the claims experience
  • AI powered by an extensive image database, continuously learning and improving
  • Smooth API integration with any existing claims management systems

Policyholders can now submit photos of their damaged vehicles at the first contact with their insurer, and the system will utilize machine learning algorithms to predict damage severity and recommend the most suitable next steps, the vendor statement explains. Whether booking a repairer, settling as a total loss, or requiring further inspection, Solera’s database of historical claims provides confidence-rated decisions in a matter of seconds, the vendor asserts.

Bill Brower, VP, Industry Relations, Solera.

Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Solera says its research demonstrates that FNOL calls typically consume up to 30 minutes, plus additional follow-ups and administrative tasks. The vendor says that Intelligent Triage significantly reduces this processing time, resulting in more accurate outcomes and heightened customer satisfaction.

“Our product delivers valuable insights, optimizes time for claims handlers and loss adjusters, and keeps drivers safe by keeping unsafe vehicles off the roads,” comments Bill Brower, VP of Industry Relations, Solera.

Intelligent Triage offers insurers the flexibility to integrate with their existing claims management systems through a simple and efficient implementation process, according to Solera. The application is differentiated from competitors through its image-based analysis, quickly identifying total loss vehicles and assessing damage against a safety-critical parts database, ensuring vehicles’ safety and avoiding potentially fraudulent claims, according to the vendor.

Among other advantages of the solution are its capacity to adapt via machine learning, according to Solera. The vendor describes the solution’s intelligence engine as continually refining its analysis with each claim processed, adapting to market conditions and updates in total loss thresholds.

Solera also notes that Intelligent Triage provides scale at a time when the insurance industry is suffering a shortage of claims professionals. “Intelligent Triage comes to the rescue by providing expert eyes from the outset, expediting triage efficiency, and reducing cycle times, thereby boosting customer renewals,” the vendor statement says.

“Our product is perfectly suited for the current situation where insurers are dealing with more total loss claims and increasingly intricate vehicle designs that result in costlier repairs,” adds Solera’s Brower. “It’s important to note that the criteria for determining total loss also change frequently based on the value of used vehicles.”

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