Smart Communications’ New Release Enhancements Drive Unified Customer Experience

The release includes the debut of Smart Components, tools to improve the experience within HTML templates, for designers, business users, and recipients of the communications.

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Smart Communications (Elstree, Herts, U.K.) has announced the availability of the next version of its enterprise customer communications and correspondence solutions. Among the new release’s enhancement is the introduction of Smart Components, a set of tools designed to improve the experience within HTML templates, for designers, business users, and recipients of the communications.

“Our latest release delivers capabilities relevant not only for compliance, operational, and regulatory purposes, but also for marketing departments committed to leading engaging, consistent conversations throughout the customer life-cycle,” comments Simon Tindal, Chief Technology Officer, Smart Communications. “This is the goal: conversations flowing from one channel to the next to create a unified, differentiated experience for the customer.”

Simon Tindal, CTO, Smart Communications.

Smart Components enable drag and drop capabilities to deliver image carousels, video and audio controls, social media toolbar, accordion widgets, lightboxes, and sidebar menu functions, all readily embedded in a real-time customer communication, according to a vendor statement. The enhanced suite of solutions aims to make it simpler for enterprises to deliver highly personal and impactful customer conversations, Smart Communications says.

The latest release also includes a new Device Preview function, which the vendor says enables template designers to view what their final communications will look like across all form factors to ensure content is optimized for tablets, smartphones, web, and email.

The release also provides a batch offering in the cloud for organizations seeking the simplicity of a service-based approach for all popular use cases; on demand, interactive and batch. This allows organizations to retain the control of CCM assets, while at the same time having the smallest possible deployment footprint to manage internally.

Range of User Experience Enhancements

The new release introduces a range of enhancements that further improve the user experience for the vendor’s SmartCOMM, SmartCORR for Salesforce, and SmartDX solutions, described by the vendor below:

For SmartCORR for Salesforce, the vendor’s enterprise-class customer communication technology for the Salesforce environment, the release includes:

  • Lightning fully supported: now both the Runtime and Design time component support Salesforce lightning
  • Enhanced batch capability: run high volume, batch use case jobs using the Hybrid-Cloud Appliance
  • Retaining rich content: retain rich content formatting from Salesforce fields into document templates with no manual updates
  • Endpoints: the ability to authenticate across firewalls, allowing the retrieval of content such as images from outside the firewall to be pulled into their own templates in real-time

For SmartDX, the vendor’s capital markets solution for buy and sell-side OTC trading participants, the release includes:

  • Negotiated terms for data extraction – enabling parties to extract and easily track non-standard contract terms for maintaining in-house Risk or Compliance System repositories

“We will continue to enhance our products’ digital capabilities to drive two-way conversations as we extend the boundaries of CCM into the Conversation Cloud,” adds Tindal.

Smart Communications Release Shifts Focus from Customer Communication to Conversation

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