Skyward Specialty Insurance Adopts Snapsheet Appraisal Services

The specialty insurer’s engagement with Snapsheet is part of a series of strategic investments dedicated to delivering outstanding commercial auto claims services and capabilities to its customers.

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Skyward Specialty Insurance Group, Inc., a Houston-based specialty property/casualty carrier, has announced today that it has selected Snapsheet (Chicago), a provider of cloud-native claims management solutions, for its Appraisal Services to deliver best-in-class claims management technology to customers.

Sean Duffy, Chief Claims Officer, Skyward Specialty Insurance Group.

Skyward Specialty reports that in recent months it has made a series of strategic investments to further deliver outstanding commercial auto claims services and capabilities to its customers. The Company recently added a “quick-strike” response service to ensure that an investigator is on the scene of an accident within 2 hours of notice, regardless of location. Additionally, Skyward Specialty says it has simplified and expanded its multi-channel first notice of loss to further enhance customer experience when a loss event of any type occurs.

Skyward Specialty calls its engagement with Snapsheet a further step in the insurer’s effort to partner with the very best technology companies and to advance the company’s claim capabilities, including rapid advances in claims-related technology, “big data” analytics, telematics, and artificial intelligence, among others. Snapsheet’s virtual appraisal process enables the assessment and settlement of claims within hours of the claim being filed. By eliminating the need to wait for an in-person damage assessment, this strategic approach speeds up the claim process and improves overall customer satisfaction, according to a Skyward Specialty statement.

Andy Cohen, COO, Snapsheet.

“We are embracing new technologies in every facet of our business to drive out cost, improve loss outcomes and deliver superior customer experiences,” comments Sean Duffy, Chief Claims Officer, Skyward Specialty Insurance Group. “As part of this initiative, our partnership with Snapsheet streamlines our appraisal experience and provides greater transparency into our customers’ needs. Snapsheet’s advanced technology will ensure that vehicles are quickly repaired and back in-service, thereby providing a better claims experience and service to our insureds.”

Enabling the Creation of a Unique Process

“At Snapsheet, we work with every type of vehicle, from private passenger to complex specialty commercial vehicles, and have the ability to fine-tune our technology, processes and people to create a unique process for carriers and their customers,” comments Andy Cohen, COO, Snapsheet. “We are thrilled to help Skyward Specialty Insurance Group as they expand their business and look to create a preeminent specialty insurance business. We look forward to providing their clients with more impactful solutions and expedited commercial claims experiences.”

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