Singlife with Aviva Expands Navigator Management Team 

The integrated investment platform under Singlife with Aviva, says it aims to enhance platform reliability and efficiency to enable a better way to financial freedom for all.

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Navigator Investment Services (Singapore) announced that it has ramped up its operations and management strength as part of its ambitious business plans to develop financial advisory services for the industry. Navigator, an integrated investment platform under Singlife with Aviva, says it aims to enhance platform reliability and efficiency to enable a better way to financial freedom for all.

Akhil Doegar, CEO, Navigator Investment Services.

Navigator’s expansion includes a number of senior executives from the regional banking and technology industries, following the appointment of Akhil Doegar as CEO in November 2021. The organization reports that it has also made significant investments and enhancements in technology and product, aiming for a best-in-class, technology-led and client-centric wealth platform for financial advisers to sustainably serve their customers.

The new appointments to Navigator’s leadership team include the following, according to a Singlife with Aviva/Navigator statement:

Wei Lin Chin joins as Head of Strategy and Business Management. She brings two decades of banking, compliance and legal experience. She was previously Executive Director, Group Strategy and Planning at DBS, where she was involved in strategic projects such as Digital Exchange and Evolution X. Prior to that, Wei Lin served as a litigator with Rajah & Tann Asia focussing on banking disputes and restructuring.

Wei Lin Chin, Head of Strategy and Business Management, Navigator Investment Services.

Farooq Lone joins as Head of Product and Business Development. He brings a wealth of experience in product management and sales from DBS, where he was Digital Product and Business Head for Indonesia.

Ee Ghim Chua joins as Brand Marketing Lead. He has advised and worked with various financial and technology brands across Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, helping to elevate brand profiles across digital and offline channels.

Navigator says the new appointments will support the organization in expanding its capabilities with prominent private banks and digital asset platforms in the region. The organization says this will extend its holistic product suite and bring together the best products, services and knowledge in the financial services and investing sectors.

Farooq Lone, Head of Product and Business Development, Navigator Investment Services.

“We have big ambitions to grow and empower financial advisers to better serve their customers,” comments Akhil Doegar, CEO, Navigator. “We will enable them with tools, insights and products tailored to their needs. Recruiting the best talent is critical for our mission to become a wealth platform promising greater reliability, expanded product offerings and enhanced portfolio management capabilities for all our clients.”

Navigator as Driver of Singlife’s Business Growth

Navigator says it aims to be one of the key drivers of Singlife’s business growth in the coming years and is positioned to provide investors with a seamless and robust view of their portfolios, offering synergies in due diligence, compliance and user security. Singlife seeks to build a multi-asset, integrated platform across investments, insurance policies and retirement plans that can provide advisers with a holistic and comprehensive perspective of their clients’ financial situation. This will allow advisers to deliver accurate insights and better financial advice to their clients at every stage of their lives.

Ee Ghim Chua, Brand Marketing Lead, Navigator Investment Services.

“We want to continue to refresh and enhance Singlife’s offerings for a diverse clientele, including the high net-worth segment, licensed family offices and retail customers,” says Pearlyn Phau, Group CEO, Singlife with Aviva. “This will allow us to accelerate our growth, expand our product suite and build on our core insurance offering to provide a better way to financial freedom for our customers. Navigator will be key to enabling this.”

Enabling Advisers with Knowledge

Navigator reports that it will amplify its engagement with financial advisers through exclusive events designed to share industry insights and drive meaningful conversations. It will also launch curated programs with partners to help financial advisers elevate their advisory capabilities.

On 12 Aug 2022, Navigator will launch IGNITE, a quarterly showcase of the company’s achievements and market updates. Senior economists will speak at the inaugural event focusing on how financial advisers can weather the storm amid rising economic uncertainty.

Navigator also plans to engage advisers through other touchpoints, including monthly sessions to learn the latest trends in finance, as well as regular closed-door discussions with senior business leaders.

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