Signers National Hires Chris Parkinson as CIO

Succeeding Sal Abano, Parkinson will lead the next phase of technology and information advancements for Signers, including RPA, AI, and enterprise data management. 

(Chris Parkinson, CIO, Signers National. Source: Signers.)

Signers National (New York), a group of insurance distribution companies dedicated to servicing key client segments across the United States, announced the hiring of Chris Parkinson as chief information officer (CIO), effective immediately.

Josh Lamberg, founder and CEO, Signers National.

As CIO, Parkinson will assume responsibility for group information technology within the organization, according to a statement from Signers National. All senior technology professionals will report to Parkinson and, under his leadership, the team will lead the next phase of technology and information advancements for Signers and its member companies. This will include robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM), enterprise data management, organic software development to bolster sales, client services, carrier placement, claims, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, loss control and MGA program business no-touch automation.

Parkinson joins the Signers team with a range of experience in senior technology roles. Most recently, he served as senior VP  of global technology & operations at AmTrust Financial Services. He also held leadership roles at other prominent carriers and MGAs, including Tower Group, Aequicap Insurance Group, Credit General Insurance Company and others.

Depth of Experience and Expertise

Salvatore V. Abano, President, Retail, Signers National.

“Chris will be a critical resource for our team as we look to stay current on the rapidly advancing technological offerings in the insurance industry,” comments Josh Lamberg, founder and CEO, Signers National. “His depth of experience and expertise in this space will be valuable as our organization seeks to continue to grow across several different niches in the insurance industry.”

For the past two years, Sal Abano has held both the CIO and President of Signers Retail titles. With the onboarding of Parkinson, Abano will focus entirely on his duties as President of Signers Retail. While in his role as CIO, Abano boosted the “activity based, technology enabled” automation model and platform to a scale that has fueled the growth of Signers National.

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