Shift Technology, Accenture Partner to Integrate FORCE with Guidewire ClaimCenter

API-based connectivity between Shift’s FORCE advanced fraud detection solution and Accenture’s cloud-hosted Guidewire ClaimCenter implementation is designed to help accelerate claims resolution.

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Shift Technology, a Paris-based a provider of AI-powered claims fraud detection and other claims related applications to the global insurance industry, has announced that it has partnered with Accenture (Dublin/Boston) to integrated FORCE, Shift’s fraud detection technology, into Guidewire’s ClaimCenter claims-management solution.

Jérémy Jawish, CEO, Shift Technology.

Deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, FORCE applies advanced artificial intelligence and data science to an insurer’s claims and claims-related data to automatically detect potentially fraudulent claims. By analyzing very large amounts of data from multiple sources, FORCE dynamically generates a fraud score for each claim that indicates how suspicious the claim is, contributing factors, and how the claim could be investigated. The technology also delivers contextual guidance for investigation and resolution.

“There’s a marked effort by forward-thinking insurers to continue modernizing their processes and procedures, and fraud detection is clearly the next frontier,” comments Jérémy Jawish, CEO and co-founder, Shift Technology. “A seamless integration between claims management and fraud detection adds significant new efficiencies, which ultimately results in greater overall customer satisfaction.”

Resolving Non-Fraudulent Claims Faster

The integration of FORCE into Guidewire ClaimCenter is designed to help insurers resolve non-fraudulent claims faster by making real-time assessment of the risk of fraud during the entire lifecycle of a claim, including at first notice of loss (FNOL), during any relevant updates, at payment, and even on demand.

“We use innovative solutions to help insurers accelerate their digital transformations,” comments Nicolas Pireaux, managing director, Insurance, Accenture. “The integration of FORCE into our cloud-hosted implementation of Guidewire ClaimCenter will help insurers improve and accelerate the claims process, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.”

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