Seibels Deploys Guidewire Claims, Data and Digital Products

The service provider has deployed ClaimCenter and CustomerEngage Account Management as well capabilities with the Guidewire Live Analytics platform.

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Seibels, a Columbia, S.C.-based provider of business process services to insurers, has deployed Guidewire Software (Foster City, Calif.) Core, Data, and Digital products to modernize its systems and transform the way it does business.

Dester Terry, President and Chief Claims Officer, Seibels Claims Solutions.

Guidewire reports that Seibels has deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter and Guidewire CustomerEngage Account Management to replace its aging internally built claims management and digital claims systems, and the company has added analytics capabilities with the Guidewire Live Analytics platform, which consists of Guidewire Catastrophe, Guidewire Claim Canvas, Guidewire Compare,  Guidewire Spotlight, and Guidewire Live University. The products were implemented in individual yet concurrently run deployments for Seibels clients’ personal lines of business, ensuring that each client’s implementation was done correctly, according to Guidewire. Implementation continues for Seibels’ clients’ commercial lines of business. Seibels previously selected and is deploying Guidewire PolicyCenter, Guidewire BillingCenter, Guidewire DataHub, Guidewire InfoCenter, and Guidewire ProducerEngage to provide its clients with policy administration, underwriting, billing management, business intelligence, data warehousing, and agent self-service capabilities.

“Speed-to-market was a critically important driver for us, as we wanted to get off our aging, inflexible claims management system and offer new technology and services to our clients quickly. These deployments were huge milestones,” comments Dester Terry, president and chief claims officer, Seibels Claims Solutions. “With Guidewire, we are now able to provide our clients with a world-class claims administration platform and services that are positively impacting their service levels and bottom line.”

ClaimCenter, Live Analytics, and CustomerEngage Account Management are enabling Seibels to do the following, by the vendor’s description:

  • Provide clients with better visibility into claims handling processes and operations by leveraging industry claims management best practices;
  • Improve operational efficiencies by standardizing on a modern software technology platform to enrich the overall claims experience for policyholders;
  • Offer actionable data and insights to aid in decision-making;
  • Empower policyholders with digital self-service for filing and managing their claims; and
  • Bring new products and product enhancements to market more quickly.

    Adrian Brown, Chief Risk Officer and CIO, Seibels.

Products Performing ‘Beautifully’

“We rolled out some of the Guidewire products to our clients last summer, ahead of schedule, during the worst CAT season the region has experienced in the last 10 years with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma,” comments Adrian Brown, chief risk officer and CIO, Seibels. “The products performed beautifully, and user feedback has been extremely positive; they love the systems.”

For example, the VP of claims for one of Seibels’ clients was in the process of being evacuated from his home in Sarasota, Florida. “During this chaos, he received hourly updates on storm damage from Claim Canvas so he could allocate company resources accordingly,” Brown adds. “Another third-party administration client was able to leverage ClaimCenter through Seibels’ internal systems to take CAT-related claims calls from its policyholders within four hours of the system going live.”

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