Security Mutual Engages Marias Technology

Marias Technology will assist with testing Security Mutual Insurance Company’s new policy administration system.

(Image credit: Tracy Adams/Unsplash.)

Security Mutual Insurance Company (Ithaca, N.Y.) has engaged Marias Technology (Covington, Ohio) to assist with testing the insurer’s new policy administration system.

Lauren Belfiore, Director, Information Systems, Security Mutual.

“Marias comes to us with extensive experience in insurance system testing, and it shows,” comments Lauren Belfiore, Director of Information Systems, Security Mutual. “They were able to jump in and provide value from day one. We’re grateful to Chris Haines and his team for their expertise and their support.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Marias reports that it will test Security Mutual’s new system for completeness and accuracy, providing business analysis, quality assurance testing, and user acceptance testing.

Requisite Expertise

“Lauren and her team have been great to work with,” comments Chris Haines, President and CEO, Marias. “They recognized our level of experience, that we knew their challenges, and that we had the expertise to contribute right from the start. We look forward to being a part of Security Mutual’s success.”

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