Security First Insurance Enables Digital Claims Transformation with ClaimLogik

The Claim Central Consolidated solution will unify Security First’s claim process stakeholders on a single platform through integration with the insurers claims system.

(Image source: Ormond Beach municipal website.)

Security First Insurance (Ormond Beach, Fla), a provider of homeowners’ and renters’ insurance coverage, has adopted Claim Central Consolidated’s (Sydney) ClaimLogik to power the company’s digital claims transformation.

Werner Kruck, COO, Security First Insurance Company.

“We have a network of strategic partners that enables us to maintain a competitive advantage and deliver an incomparable experience to our customers,” comments Werner Kruck, COO, Security First Insurance. “While exploring potential claim technology partners, we were not only looking for innovation, but also a cultural fit. Claim Central, like Security First, has a vision of transforming the insurance experience, and we are not only adopting the ClaimLogik technology, we’re also reorganizing our operations and implementing their claim management methodology.”

Kruck characterizes the ClaimLogik project as a major initiative that will deliver powerful results both internally and externally, and for the long term at Security First. The insurer plans to integrate ClaimLogik with its existing claim management system by the end of 2018. This implementation plan is designed to enable Security First’s internal users, external distribution channel partners, and customers to more efficiently connect with the company’s established ecosystem of adjusters, emergency services, and restoration providers on a single platform. The implementation will also enable complete transparency into the claim process from first notice of loss (FNOL) through to resolution, while fulfilling the insurer’s primary goal of enhancing the service experience for customers.

Brian Siemsen, CEO, Claim Central Consolidated.

“The ClaimLogik digital ecosystem is something we have never seen before in the U.S. insurance market, yet it easily integrates into our existing claim administration system,” Kruck adds. “The flexibility of the technology was very important to us and trying something new, well, that’s just part of our corporate DNA. ClaimLogik will give our customers greater control of the claim process and it will allow them to more quickly restore their properties through a seamless claims experience.”

Process Transparency, Speed of Settlement, Operational Efficiency

“In a technology-driven, customer-centric world, insurers are continuously looking for ways to transform the way claims are managed to remain competitive and relevant to their customers,” comments Brian Siemsen, global CEO, CCC. “We are delighted Security First has selected ClaimLogik as its technology of choice for this claim transformation project. The process transparency, speed of settlement, and improvement in operational efficiencies will give Security First Insurance a competitive edge now and well into the future.”

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