Scope Technology Collaborates with Microsoft on Automated Vehicle Inspection Tech

The company has debuted eMager an AI and Computer Vision solution built on Azure Cognitive Services that automates vehicle inspections

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Scope Technology, a Johannesburg-based company serving the automotive industry for more than two decades, has collaborated with Microsoft (Redmond, Wash.) to create a new automated mobile vehicle inspection technology. The solution, called eMager, can perform a vehicle scan in seconds with a mobile phone and Computer Vision and AI processing and analysis in the cloud. Applications of the technology include inspecting rental and used cars, inspection at the time of accident by the driver for claims automation, OEM manufacturing line QA and inspection, and more.

George Giles, Head of Global Marketing, Scope Technology.

Scope’s technology is designed to automate and standardize vehicle inspections in minutes while eliminating human error. The company’s mobile app can be used to take pictures of the vehicle, then uploading the images to the cloud.  The images are analyzed in seconds with computer vision algorithms and machine learning on the Azure cloud computing platform, according to the vendor. The mobile application allows for scans of a vehicle wherever it is, including by end-customers, opening up more options to transform business processes that are reliant on a physical inspection of a vehicle.

Scope says eMager can detect multiple types of damage down to the millimeter level. Issues with fit & finish, panel alignment, damage, dents, scrapes, and scratches can be automatically detected with a corresponding vehicle report detailing the severity, extent, location, and type of damage. A full vehicle report is produced in seconds and can be integrated into common business and dealer systems to further automate the inspection or claims process, the vendor says.

Democratizing Vehicle Inspection

Ravi Bhat, CTO, Microsoft South Africa.

“We have been helping automotive and insurance customers solve business problems with our end-to-end technology solutions for the last 20 years,” comments George Giles, Head of Global Marketing, Scope Technology. “With the help of our technology partner Microsoft we can deliver true innovation, automation, and cost and time savings to our customers, at scale and speed. Automating vehicle inspections via a mobile phone now makes it possible democratize the vehicle inspection to anyone with a mobile phone, including the end-customer.”

Azure Cognitive Services, like AI and Computer Vision, are important tools to accelerate innovation at the speed and scale of Enterprise business, according to Ravi Bhat, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft South Africa. “It’s exciting to see a Microsoft partner develop innovative solutions with Azure Cognitive Services that can digitally disrupt and innovate a manual, skill specific, process that has been changed little in the last 100 years.”

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