SCE 360 Launches Insurance Claims App

The intelligent, touchless, accurate, and time-saving solution is designed to change how complex, large insurance and healthcare demand packages are processed. 

(Image source: SCI 360 website.)

SCI 360 (Cincinnati) a Salesforce partner founded in 2009 by insurance executives, has announced the release of the 360 DEMAND Review Application, which the vendor describes as an intelligent, touchless, accurate, and time-saving solution designed to change how complex, large insurance and healthcare demand packages are processed.

The solution addresses the need for a timely and accurate response when a demand package is presented to insurance claims teams, to ensure that carriers are not burdened by excessive risk, according to an SCI 360 statement. 360 Demand Review introduces automation with superior accuracy, revolutionizing how claims are processed and escalated, prioritizing those that present the most risk to a carrier, the vendor asserts. Built on the platform, the app is available for all Financial Services Cloud users, with the aim of seamlessly integrating with organizations’ current workflow processes.

Michael Sturgis, CEO, SCI 360.

“We know the risk that is involved when a time-sensitive demand comes through the door for a carrier,” says Michael Sturgis, CEO, SCI 360. “Already overburdened claim representatives are tasked with manually reviewing hundreds of pages of legal documents and medical bills, within a specified time, for completing a risk assessment. Our insurance vertical expertise, coupled with our decade of experience as a Salesforce partner, led to the development of 360 DEMAND Review. We’re offering Carriers an intelligent solution that processes claims in seconds, rather than days.”

Bottom-Line Impact

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the solution accurately highlights eywords with the greatest risk, and introduces automation to escalate and prioritize caims, Sturgis adds. “So, time-sensitive, business-critical data is immediately identified and addressed,” he elaborates. “The cost savings and impact to organizations is substantial, measurable, and reportable. This is truly a game-changer with bottom-line impact for the Insurance and Risk Management verticals.”

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