Saxon Insurance Adopts Duck Creek Insights for Enterprise Data & Analytics

Building on growth in the wake of implementing Duck Creek core systems the Cayman Islands Insurer was ready for improved data warehouse and reporting capabilities.

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Saxon Insurance, a provider of auto, residential, and commercial property, home contents, business contents, liability and travel insurance in the Cayman Islands, has  selected Duck Creek Insights to gain improved access to, and actionable intelligence on, data from internal and external sources. This implementation will allow Saxon to put its data to work as a strategic asset in ways not previously possible, according to a Duck Creek Technologies (Boston) statement.

Brian Williams, CEO, Saxon Insurance.

The carrier is a longtime Duck Creek client, using Duck Creek Policy and Duck Creek Billing for several years as part of an overall initiative to become a true “virtual insurer,” hosting future-ready applications for every aspect of its business in the cloud and automating as much of the processes that underpin insurance as possible. Within one year of implementing Duck Creek solutions, Saxon had captured 25 percent of the Cayman Islands market, and was operating at a 40-50 percent cost savings by hosting all if its business-critical applications in the cloud, according to the vendor. Subsequent to winning such a strong position in the local market, the insurer found that its existing data warehouse was not capable of providing the business analytics capabilities it needed to make key decisions backed by as much actionable data as was available, the vendor reports.

Karen Furtado, Partner, SMA.

“Investing in advanced analytics positions insurers for success in the digital age,” comments Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action (Boston). “Combining traditional data with new external data sources provides insights that create new value. Duck Creek’s ability to easily provision data for business intelligence and advanced analytics is a differentiator.”

“Duck Creek Insights was a perfect solution to our growing need for advanced analytics. In order to maximize understanding of all aspects of our business, we need to quickly collect, analyze, manage, and report on a significant amount of data,” comments Brian Williams, CEO, Saxon Insurance. “Insights’ system-agnostic ability to map data from many different sources is exactly what we need to work with the solutions we have in place, and its advanced reporting and analytics tools will help us put the data we already have to better use in making business-critical decisions.”

Karlyn Carnahan, Head, The Americas, Property Casualty, Celent.

“Data and analytics have become an indispensable tool in driving actions and decisions throughout every step of the insurance lifecycle. Successful insurers will be those that can deliver actionable insights at multiple points in the customer relationship,” comments Karlyn Carnahan, head of Celent’s (Boston) property/casualty practice in the Americas. “As insurers’ capabilities for leveraging data expand, their need for tools that allow them to rapidly access and visualize data also expands. These tools need to readily access data across enterprise systems and be easily used by day-to-day business users, without super-user training.”

Transformative in Data Journey

Duck Creek Insights lets insurers use data as a strategic asset in real time, allowing them to capture and leverage data across and beyond their organizations, deliver leaders and business users crucial information needed to execute intelligent actions, and employ new methods of automated decisioning (such as AI and advanced analytics), according to the vendor. With multiple disparate systems to map, Saxon is a prime example of a carrier poised to make a transformative step in their data journey by implementing modern mapping and business intelligence tools.

“We are thrilled that Saxon has expanded their relationship with Duck Creek,” comments Jeff Wargin, Chief Product Officer, Duck Creek Technologies. “With Duck Creek Insights, they will be able to deliver relevant information in context, to the right people, allowing them to take intelligent action and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.”

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