Sapiens Releases V 6.0 of the DECISION Manager Business Decision Management Component

The new and improved capabilities offered with DECISION Manager v6.0 include a redesigned Release Management module with an intuitive user experience and extensions for the management and deployment of decisions.

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Sapiens International Corporation has introduced an enhanced version of Sapiens DECISION Manager, a key component of the vendor’s Business Decision Management solution, Sapiens DECISION Suite. The vendor characterizes the enhancements as demonstrating its continued focus on defining and driving the relatively new, but rapidly maturing Business Decision Management market with solutions designed to help companies overcome the challenge of accurately and rapidly translating business, policy and regulatory logic to executable code.

Sapiens reports that DECISION Manager v6.0 is available for immediate delivery as a stand-alone offering, or as a component of DECISION Suite. The new version offers new features to further simplify and support the process of planning, implementing and optimizing business policy changes.

“By automating the high volume of decisions made by an organization on a daily basis and providing visibility into their dissemination across all areas of business, DECISION Manager is better able to model, test, validate and affect the impact of decisions on the organization’s operations,” a Sapiens statement says

Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, MWD Advisors.

Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, MWD Advisors.

The new version of DECISION Manager, powered by Sapiens’ The Decision Model, builds existing capabilities to better help Sapiens DECISION customers address their Decision Management needs with a model to visualize and represent business/decision logic and the underlying decision conditions; a method for discovering and capturing logic, to ensure a complete logic model; and the necessary software to store, manipulate and execute logic, according to the vendor

The new and improved capabilities offered with DECISION Manager v6.0 include a redesigned Release Management module with an intuitive user experience and extensions for the management and deployment of decisions, including the following, according to the vendor’s description:

  • Seamless support for updating and changing business policies affecting organizations in highly regulated industries across multiple system deployment destinations and applications .
  • More efficient management of decision asset (decision flows and decision views) versions in a release, while maintaining the highest degree of governance and auditability.
  • Implementation of a standards-based approach incorporating industry terminology to make decision flow and decision view edits through streamlined mechanisms, such as “pull requests,” which accelerate asset changes, additions and approvals.

The Emerging Practice of Decision Management

“Business rules encoded in software need to evolve ever more quickly to keep up with faster business change cycles: traditional approaches to requirements gathering and software design are broken,” comments Neil Ward-Dutton, research director at MWD Advisors. “Decision Management is an emerging practice, supported by specialized software, that leverages and extends the common capabilities of business rules management systems to explicitly manage the lifecycles of business decisions and policies, and their implementation in software, as they change over time.”

As increasing numbers of industry analysts and influencers, such as MWD Advisors’ Dutton and his colleagues, are recognizing the emerging nature and importance of the new Business Decision Management market, according to Kramer Reeves, VP, Product Marketing, Sapiens DECISION. “This new version of Sapiens DECISION Manager is just the latest development in our ongoing efforts to respond to the needs of our customers and the business community at large when it comes to effectively managing complex business logic, including ensuring continuity throughout the entire enterprise,” he says.

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