Sapiens Partners with InsurTech Marketplace Player Intellagents to Expand P&C Ecosystem

The partnership grants insurers access to hundreds of data and InsurTech providers, reducing insurance cycle times, increasing efficiency, and enabling transparent collaboration.  

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Sapiens International Corporation, (Holon, Israel), a global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, has announced an agreement with Intellagents, a Hartford-based no-code, hybrid cloud, independent insurance marketplace platform provider.

Jamie Yoder, President and General Manager, Sapiens North America.

Sapiens characterizes the partnership as an expansion of its Sapiens CoreSuite for P&C ecosystem that connects agents and insurers to a new digital marketplace with best-in-class InsurTech solutions, data sources, and AI providers. The new solution eliminates the costly friction of integrating legacy and modern systems and orchestrates agile and efficient performance over a single dynamic API marketplace, according to a Sapiens statement.

“We are pleased to partner with Sapiens,” comments Mark Stender, CEO, Intellagents. “Part of our success is due to our diligence in bringing together tried-and-true technologies and services so users can be confident they are working with secure applications from trustworthy, stable vendors. We look forward to working with Sapiens to equip its P&C solutions with unprecedented reach.”

Mark Stender, CEO, Intellagents.

Sapiens says the partnership grants insurers access to hundreds of data and InsurTech providers, thus reducing insurance cycle times, increasing efficiency, and collaborating transparently while enhancing user experience.

“Sapiens is incredibly excited to announce this partnership,” says Jamie Yoder, Sapiens President & General Manager, North America. “The marketplace is massive and for our customers, it means the ability to leverage all the best-in-class InsurTech technologies without having to embark on costly, time-consuming integration projects.”

Intellagents’ platform will integrate with Sapiens CoreSuite for P&C solution to deliver a vast data marketplace on a single adapter, thereby eliminating the need to build additional integrations for new interfaces, according to the Sapiens statement. Sapiens describes its CoreSuite for P&C is a customer-centric, low-code enterprise suite that empowers insurers to rapidly meet evolving business and customer needs.

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