Sapiens Launches PaM for Near-Real Time Changes to Business Logic

Integrated with Sapiens’ Decision Manager, Decision Parameter Management (PaM) enables faster decisioning, enhancing the existing Decision solution by separating data values embedded within business logic.

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Sapiens International Corporation, (Holon, Israel), a provider of software solutions to the insurance industry, has launched its new Parameter Management (PaM) solution. Sapiens Decision PaM extends decision automation further into the enterprise by enabling business users outside of the IT department to make changes in data-related business logic, avoiding a time-consuming software development lifecycle (SDLC) to put changes into production, according to a statement from the vendor. Embedded data in business logic can now be updated with PaM, making change to production in near-realtime, getting to market potentially weeks faster than is currently possible, Sapiens says.

Jamie Yoder, President and General Manager, Sapiens North America.

PaM is integrated with Sapiens Decision’s flagship product, Decision Manager, to create a seamless user experience. Sapiens reports that PaM was developed in consultation with its clients across industries with the intent of enabling the broadest range of use cases where data value changes are better managed outside of decision tables separate from business logic. The vendor says there are abundant use cases that can benefit from PaM, typically oriented around variable data that may change frequently and be sourced from within the organization as well as from third parties. Examples include insurance and loan underwriting thresholds, limits on complying loans or minimum coverages, ratios for affordability or expenses, percentages for commissions and triggers for disaster zoning. PaM is also the recommended integration mechanism between machine learning (ML) insights and the business logic that must rapidly react to changing insights.

“We recognized the need to develop a more simplified and flexible approach to encapsulated data in logic and consulted closely with a large number of our clients to ensure PaM would solve real-world use cases from day one,” comments Jamie Yoder, President and General Manager Sapiens North America. “PaM extends the value of the Sapiens Decision core product and will capture an entirely new class of business users outside the area of IT with the added benefit of accelerating time-to-market.”

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