Sapiens Launches IntegrateAI, the Second Release in its DecisionAI Portfolio

IntegrateAI addresses growing market demand for a single, integrated business application that leverages machine learning models in decision management.

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Sapiens International Corporation, (Holon, Israel), a global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, has announced the launch of IntegrateAI, the newest capability from Sapiens Decision, integrating machine learning models into what the vendor calls its business-friendly decision model workbench.

Sapiens Decision users can integrate machine learning models as another component of their decision model diagram, combining declarative and probabilistic constructs into one consistent and explainable model, according to a Sapiens statement. Enabling non-technical users to incorporate the machine learning models from data science teams into a single decision model dramatically reduces business and technical complexities, driving greater operational control and efficiency, the statement says.

Ilan Buganim, CTIO, Sapiens.

IntegrateAI follows Sapiens Decision’s recent ModelAI release, which brought a Generative AI (GenAI) copilot to decision modelers with integration to Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service. The two releases fulfill the initial AI strategy and roadmap of Sapiens Decision to increase the access, speed, and efficacy of decision automation for business users. The vendor reports that it plans to add additional AI based products to Sapiens Decision to support the full lifecycle of the decision modeling process, including ExtractAI (for extracting decision logic from legacy code) and OptimizeAI (to optimize business decisions for specific outcomes).

Turbocharging Decision Automation

“Sapiens Decision IntegrateAI enables organizations to implement decision automation with greater transparency, explainability, and efficiency by enabling business users to integrate machine learning models within decision models,” comments Ilan Buganim, CTIO, Sapiens. “Combined with Sapiens Decision’s copilot ModelAI, which leverages GenAI to automatically convert natural language to decision models, enterprises can now turbocharge their application of decision automation for greater business outcomes.”

Sapiens Decision provides end-to-end decision management capabilities from decision logic extraction from legacy code to decision modeling with no code tools, and deployment through Decision-as-a-Service, according to the vendor’s description. The solution offers a technology-independent solution to fit any architecture, allowing organizations to reuse their existing infrastructure and governance models, Sapiens says.

Sapiens Expands Presence in Canadian Market

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