Sapiens Enriches Digital Engagement Platform Through Partnership with EasySend

EasySend’s digital transaction management (DTM) platform will integrate with Sapiens’ Digital Engagement Suite for life, pension, annuities and property/casualty.

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Sapiens International Corporation (Holon, Israel), a global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, has entered into a partnership with EasySend a Tel Aviv-based InsurTech offering a SaaS-based digital transaction management (DTM) platform for “smart” and digital forms.

Alex Zukerman, VP, Product marketing and Strategy, Sapiens.

EasySend’s DTM will integrate with the Sapiens Digital Engagement Suite across Sapiens’ Life, Pension and Annuities and Property and Casualty/General Insurance platforms and will enable insurers to rapidly transform forms and documents into a customer-driven, digital experience that can be used via multiple channels and devices, a Sapiens statement assert. The platform fully integrates with third-party applications and any hosting architecture, to automate most insurer interactions with customers, according to Sapiens. The vendor adds that companies can receive and send digital forms on any PC, tablet or mobile device, on- and off-line.

Sapiens reports that the digitalization of the customer journey is enabled by EasySend’s rapid and seamless conversion of any existing form (PDF, or other format) into a customizable digital business process (Android, iOS, Windows, or other Internet browser).

“Sapiens was impressed by EasySend’s success in implementing its solution for a variety of financial institutions and we are confident of the added value we can provide to our insurance and financial customers using the DTM technology,” comments Alex Zukerman, head of corporate product strategy, Sapiens. “This partnership reflects the importance of working within the InsurTech ecosystem and leveraging innovative technologies into Sapiens’ digital offering.”

Truly Seamless Digital Experience

Tal Daskal, CEO, EasySend.

“This partnership will help our customers eliminate paper forms and PDFs, automate their engagement processes and enhance their straight-through processing, so they can offer a fully seamless and digital customer experience,” Zukerman adds.

“We are pleased to partner with Sapiens to help insurers take full advantage of digitalization,” comments Tal Daskal, CEO, EasySend. “Customer satisfaction is key and trying to manage it with antiquated ‘paper-and-pen’ forms is a slow, error-prone strategy. Traditionally, organizations needed to help customers understand their forms, see if the forms were filled out correctly, feed the information from the form into the CRM system, and take help desk calls about the forms’ status. This process causes needless customer frustration and uses precious manpower that could be used for more important tasks.”

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