Sapiens Announces New Version of DigitalSuite

The cloud-native, modular solution empowers insurers to fully leverage digital opportunities and enhance customer engagement.

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Sapiens International Corporation(Holon, Israel), a global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, has announced the availability of a new version of its DigitalSuite, which the vendor describes as a dynamic, digital engagement and enablement platform that provides insurers the ability to accelerate their digital transformation. Sapiens DigitalSuite is an agile, component-based platform that offers a rich, unified, omnichannel experience, according to a Sapiens statement.

Sapiens further describes its DigitalSuite as enabling a quick entrance into new markets, with open architecture and seamless integration through advanced APIs, the insight of data-driven business processes and the agility of a cloud-native environment. The vendor says it offers a vast ecosystem of digital partners that are pre-integrated, pre-certified and pre-selected to bring real value. “Sapiens helps insurers integrate quickly with innovative partners that improve customer experience and create operational efficiencies, maximizing value immediately,” the Sapiens statement says.

Roni Al-Dor, President and CEO, Sapiens.

“Sapiens understands that the path to digital freedom is often challenging and complex. It requires a flexible system that insurers can depend on—a solution that goes beyond mere portals,” comments Roni Al-Dor, Sapiens president and CEO. “Our newly enriched DigitalSuite empowers insurers on that path to transformation. We are very proud to lead that journey for our customers.”

Sapiens says DigitalSuite anticipates and responds to today’s customer expectations, which it identifies as the driving force behind the digital evolution of the insurance industry. “Customers demand personalized experiences that are available at any time from any device. They also want easy access to information they are seeking and a quick resolution of any problems or questions that arise,” the Sapiens statement continues. “As better experiences are delivered, and emerging technologies continue to fuel the digital transformation, most insurers understand that a digital-first approach is critical. Legacy systems fail to provide the necessary customer-centric experiences to meet their transformation goals.”

Sapiens DigitalSuite offers the following description of modular, cloud-native components, that the vendor says can be integrated with insurers’ existing technology landscape:

API Conductor: Sapiens API Conductor simplifies integration into any core system, third party data source or Sapiens ecosystem marketplace and provides a unified data view. Sapiens API Conductor provides insurer teams a drag & drop experience when configuring, managing, publishing and testing their APIs, enabling Sapiens to deploy Digital Suite not only together with Sapiens digital core, but also over legacy core systems

Journey and Forms Composer: Business users are empowered to introduce and manage existing journeys and workflows, as well as plan and create new ones without having to write code. Simple drag and drop and low-code/no-code functionality accelerates time to market and reduces costs without having to rely on IT resources.

Dynamic Portals: Sapiens AgentConnect and CustomerConnect are dynamic portals built to deliver the optimal experiences expected by customers, brokers, agents, employers, alike, providing a high level of personalization to meet the diversified, individual needs of customers

BotConnect and LiveConnect: Sapiens brings conversational messaging to the next level, making it highly efficient in engaging customers. Sapiens BotConnect (AI-based chatbot) and LiveConnect (omnichannel live chat) are designed to cultivate and enhance conversational messaging by ensuring perfect handoffs between different channels and personas, between live and AI, which translates to one unified, customer-centric and smooth experience for both customers and representatives that cater to their needs. Together, this duo of components greatly improves operational efficiencies, providing a better service level to end-customers, based on their channel of choice.

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