Sapiens Allies with Microsoft to Leverage Generative AI for Insurers

The integration will support the creation of solutions for insurance companies that allow customers to easily navigate complex documents using natural large language AI models.

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Sapiens International Corporation, (Holon, Israel), a global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, has announced an agreement with Microsoft to integrate Azure OpenAI Service to harness generative AI models and tools for the insurance industry. At Sapiens’ International Client Conference, taking place in Barcelona this week, Sapiens is presenting the strategic collaboration partnership with Microsoft and how the companies are working together to bring generative AI solutions to Insurers and customers.

Alex Zukerman, Chief Marketing and Strategy officer, Sapiens.

Sapiens says it will integrate Microsoft Azure OpenAI and Azure Power Virtual Agents to provide generative AI solutions for insurance companies, allowing customers to easily navigate complex documents such as policies, terms and conditions, and more, using natural large language AI models.

Sapiens’ AI, cognitive services and process automation are designed to empower insurers through the entire insurance value chain, to provide instant answers across multiple domains of customer interaction in a multitude of languages, enhancing the customer experience while reducing the high volume of calls live agents and relevant personnel typically receive. The vendor says these capabilities can also assist in underwriters’ day-to-day activities and reduce time around claims processing and fraud detection.

Opportunities to Improve Insurance Processes and Operations

“We are excited to launch the next-generation AI tools for insurers and collaborate with Microsoft on delivering the most innovative solutions,” says Alex Zukerman, Chief Strategy Officer, Sapiens. “Generative AI’s  potential as a revolutionary enabler for the insurance industry is enormous, and now is the time for insurance companies to discover how it can contribute to facilitating and growing their business.”

“We see the potential for what generative AI can do for the next generation of insurance solutions,” comments Dalia Ophir, Director, Worldwide Financial Services Industry. “Sapiens integration of Azure OpenAI allows us to explore and define the right solutions for insurers worldwide. As generative AI continues to evolve, we look forward to bringing forth innovative ways to improve and streamline insurance processes and operations.”

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