Salient Named to Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards Program

With the changing climate, Salient’s subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) weather forecasting technology is focused on helping property/casualty insurers increase preparedness.

(Image source: Salient Predictions website.)

Salient Predictions, a provider of sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) weather forecasting and insights, has announced that the company has joined Guidewire’s Insurtech Vanguards program, an initiative led by property/casualty cloud platform provider, Guidewire (San Mateo, Calif.), to help insurers learn about the newest InsurTechs and how to best leverage them.

Matt Stein, co-founder and CEO, Salient.

“We are thrilled to join this respected community of technology pioneers as we commit to innovation and excellence in the insurance industry,” comments Matt Stein, co-founder and CEO, Salient. “Salient is poised to help insurers solve critical challenges, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions in the face of evolving climate patterns. We look forward to the opportunities this program brings to connect with Guidewire’s property/casualty customers, furthering our mission to improve resiliency and drive positive change in the insurance landscape.”

 Insurtech Vanguards is a Guidewire curated community of select startups and technology providers that the firm recognizes as bringing novel solutions to the P&C industry. As part of the program, Guidewire provides strategic guidance to and advocates for the participating InsurTechs, while connecting them with Guidewire’s customers. 

Navigating Evolving Climate Patterns

Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist, Guidewire.

“We are thrilled to welcome Salient to our program and help introduce Salient’s cutting-edge S2S weather forecasting technology,” comments Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist, Guidewire. “Salient’s expertise in subseasonal-to-seasonal weather forecasting and analytics aims to empower P&C insurers with the tools they need to navigate and thrive in the face of evolving climate patterns.”

Salient offers Zurich Insurance (Zurich) as an example of property/casualty insurers that it works with to help power weather risk alerting solutions that improve risk avoidance and customer retention.

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