Roost Adds Smoke Alarm Notification to Protection360 Commercial Property Solution

The service uses a sensor that detects the sound of a smoke alarm and provides notification of a potential fire to property manager as well as 24/7 monitoring center.

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Roost, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based provider of home telematics solutions for property insurance carriers, has announced the addition of a Smoke Alarm Notification Service to its existing Protection360 Commercial Property Telematics Service. Roost also announced its Smoke Alarm Notification launch partner, existing customer Church Mutual Insurance Company (Merril, Wisc.). Smoke Alarm Notification has been added to Church Mutual’s Protection360 Service after first introducing the Armed Intruder Service last year.

Richard Poirier, President and CEO, Church Mutual.

Roost describes the Smoke Alarm Notification Service as consisting of a dedicated sensor placed near an existing smoke alarm. The vendor says the sensor works seamlessly with the existing Roost Protection360 Service to deliver 24/7 real-time emergency alerts and interactive verifications for emergency situations including water leaks, freezing temperatures, high temperatures and power outages. When the sensor detects a standardized sound emitted from the smoke alarm, it automatically sends an alert to the property manager and to a 24/7 professional monitoring center for verification and fire department dispatch if necessary.

Roel Peeters, CEO, Roost.

“We are very happy to be bringing this new technology to market with Roost’s assistance,” comments Rich Poirier, president and CEO, Church Mutual. “Roost has continued to grow and evolve their Protection360 service at our request to provide a comprehensive protection plan for our customers. Providing an alert for potential fire emergencies was a priority that came out of our Disruption Lab. We’re excited to watch it save our customers downtime, allowing them to continue serving their communities without huge disruptions.”

Great Peace of Mind

“Roost is thrilled to be working with our partner, Church Mutual, to debut the new Smoke Alarm Notification Service,” comments Roel Peeters, co-founder and CEO of Roost. “This service can offer a greater peace of mind for Church Mutual’s customers – providing immediate action in the case of a fire emergency by notifying a 24/7 monitoring center and hopefully preventing more severe damage.”

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