RepairPal Partners with Trellis to Match Customers with Auto Insurance Options

Consumers using the RepairPal auto repair network website can now take advantage of Savvy, Trellis’s all-in-one platform for comparing and buying car insurance policies.

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RepairPal, a San Francisco-based auto repair network marketing a proposition of high quality and fair prices, has announced a partnership with Trellis (San Francisco), the company pitching a simpler, safer insurance shopping experience to streamline car insurance decisions for consumers, and ultimately help them find the right policy for the best price. Effective Jan. 18, 2022, consumers using the RepairPal website can take advantage of Savvy, Trellis’s all-in-one platform for comparing and buying car insurance policies. Consumers save an average of $624 per year on their car insurance using Savvy, according to a Trellis statement.

Kathleen Long, Chief Revenue Officer, RepairPal.

While there is more churn in auto insurance than other lines of business, customers still have limited patience when it comes to finding a better option, the Trellis statement notes. The company says that visitors to can check for savings in less than a minute. “With just the password to their existing insurance, consumers visiting can use Savvy to instantly access final insurance quotes that can match or beat every line of coverage already held,” the statement says. The platform provides what Trellis calls and integrated checkout, which it says makes switching as simple as entering a credit card number.

“RepairPal’s focus is on connecting consumers to high-quality repair facilities that give the best possible customer service and charge fairly,” comments Kathleen Long, Chief Revenue Officer, RepairPal. “With the integration of Savvy, we’re able to give our consumers the power to easily compare insurance providers and find savings on their car insurance seamlessly with a simple, fast, and transparent experience. RepairPal is excited about this partnership with Trellis because they simplify the choices a consumer has to make around their coverage.”

Daniel Demetri, Founder and CEO, Trellis.

Through the partnership with Trellis, RepairPal consumers are now able to compare their existing policy to prospective alternatives in a transparent, side-by-side manner, adding the ability to purchase a better plan all on the same platform.

“Shopping for insurance can be time-consuming and complicated—it lacks transparency, and the fine print and policy options are hard to understand,” asserts Daniel Demetri, founder and CEO, Trellis. “As a result, many consumers get stuck with policies that are too expensive and don’t meet their needs. We’re thrilled to partner with RepairPal to help consumers who are looking for high-quality repairs at fair prices also evaluate their insurance options and maximize their savings.”

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