Quadient Announces Subscription-based SaaS CCM Solution

Utilizing the firm’s most popular claims correspondence templates, offers insurers with more modest resources an opportunity to make the transformation to digital.

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Quadient (Boston, formerly GMC Software) a provider of customer communications management (CCM) solutions, has made their subscription-based SaaS solution generally available. According to the company, the subscription-based product, Quadient Correspondence, enables midsized insurers to forego IT involvement in creating, approving and delivering regulatory compliant, accurate and personalized claims correspondence to customers across print and digital channels. Quadient states that the plug-and-play solution, utilizing the firm’s most popular claims correspondence templates, offers insurers with more modest resources an opportunity to make the transformation to digital.

Tamir Sigal, CMO, GMC Software Technology.

According to Quadient, the solution offers the following:

  • Seamless integration with on-premise or SaaS-based claims systems;
  • Acceleration of the claims process due to its pre-loaded library of insurance-specific content, prebuilt workflows, cloud-based architecture and browser-based interface with no plug-ins;
  • The ability to create customized documents from a variety of templates in a controlled and compliant document editing environment;
  • Enablement of regulatory compliance with pre-approved document templates that are available to be edited if required
  • An elevated customer experience, delivering claims correspondence across all channels, including email, SMS and print.

“The claims process is the most expensive and important customer touchpoint insurers have, and often the moment of truth in an insurer-consumer relationship,” comments Tamir Sigal, chief marketing officer, Quadient. “Competitive differentiation relies on events like the claims experience, so we are excited to introduce Quadient Correspondence. It is a robust solution that finally enables smaller insurance organizations to operate like a Tier One enterprise, enabling immediate claims process improvement consumers will appreciate.”

According to the firm, the solution does not require ongoing installation—all software upgrades are provided by Quadient meets the worldwide gold standard for security and privacy in the cloud, and holds both ISO 27001 and 27017 certifications. Quadient Correspondence allows for the creation of communication templates or automated approvals in less than an hour; enables customized correspondence in less than a minute; facilitates the onboarding of new employees in less than a day; and provides for instant communications through print and digital.

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