QOMPLX Partners with Australian Catastrophe Risk Modeling Firm COMBUS

The partnership continues to expand the models, services, and datasets available in QOMPLX’s insurance risk analytics offering, Q:HELM.

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QOMPLX (Tysons, Va.), a provider cybersecurity & risk analytics, has announced a partnership with Australian firm COMBUS (Moss Vale, New South Wales) to offer its models on the Q:HELM marketplace. QOMPLX characterizes the COMBUS partnership as adding further geographically diverse options to improve risk management around environmental disasters, as QOMPLX continues to broadly unify data, models and services offerings for the insurance industry. COMBUS is an actuarial and catastrophe modelling consulting firm specializing in helping insurance companies quantify and manage their large-scale risk to natural and man-made disasters.

Steve Smith, Director of Product and Modeling, QOMPLX.

“COMBUS is delighted to be able to bring our suite of Australian models to the Q:HELM platform to provide greater access within this open-source and transparent marketplace,” comments Will Gardner, Managing Director, COMBUS.

The COMBUS models provide insight into natural and man-made disasters across Australia, ranging from bushfires to earthquakes, according to a QOMPLX statement. COMBUS built its simulation models to examine the magnitude of large events and the frequency of smaller events, providing greater understanding in estimating and predicting risk.

“The need for more rigorous and data-driven insights around environmental disasters around the world continues to grow,” comments Steve Smith, Director of Product and Modeling, QOMPLX. “The COMBUS models allow our customers to increase their geographic coverage for trusted risk analytics,”

Rapidly Ingest, Transform and Contextualize Data at Scale

Jason Crabtree, CEO, QOMPLX.

QOMPLX characterizes the addition of the COMBUS models as emblematic of its unique role in risk analytics. The vendor says it provide solutions to mitigate major long-term risks to capital and climate that are foundational to the modern global economy. “The underlying capabilities of the QOMPLX core data factory fuel our cloud insurance risk analytics offering with the ability to rapidly ingest, transform and contextualize data at scale, much faster than traditionally seen across the industry,” the QOMPLX statement adds.

“Our growing partnership with international innovators like COMBUS further expands QOMPLX’s offering of cutting-edge insurance data, services, and models,” comments Jason Crabtree, CEO, QOMPLX. “COMBUS’ choice to partner with QOMPLX is continued evidence of the pioneering work QOMPLX is pursuing to knit together disparate pieces of the insurance data analytics ecosystem.”

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