ProcessOne v 3.0 Payment Processing System Leverages HTML5 for Enhanced User Experience

Moving to HTML5 enables improved overall performance and better usability for insurers, including the ability more efficiently monitor the volume and type of transactions at a more granular level.

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One, Inc. (Folsom, Calif.) has released version 3.0 of its ProcessOne payment processing and reconciliation solution for the property/casualty insurance industry, which uses HTML5 to enhance user experience and reporting capabilities.

“Our number one development goal at One, Inc. is continuous improvement of our software,” comments Brian Blackstock, product development manager, One, Inc. “Moving to HTML5 enables improved overall performance and better usability for insurers, which ultimately allows them to offer their customers the highest level of customer service.”

One, Inc.’s goal with the move to HTML5 was to enhance user experience for internal staff at carrier customers, a One, Inc. source told Insurance Innovation Reporter. “ProcessOne has real-time reporting capabilities, so a big part of this change was to enable the users to more efficiently monitor the volume and type of transactions from high-level reporting to a more granular level—for both executives and accounting, the source says. “The component was completely redesigned using the new technology with a more aesthetically pleasing look-and-feel and a more intuitive navigation.”

The vendor says that ProcessOne can be quickly and easily integrated into a carrier’s existing billing and payment portals, allowing customers to make real-time payments via their preferred communication channel. The application consolidates and standardizes payment reconciliation processes on a common platform, eliminates the risk of a data security breach and significantly lowers the complexity and cost of PCI DSS compliance, One, Inc., reports.

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“We are excited to bring to our customers the additional benefits that come with the latest release of ProcessOne,” comments Tim Tyannikov, COO, One, Inc. “The payment process is the most frequent touchpoint a company has with an insured and ProcessOne was developed specifically to address the sharp rise in the use of credit cards as a payment method, from customer experience, internal process and data security standpoints.”

In addition to ProcessOne, One, Inc.’s suite of enterprise software suite includes PolicyOne (policy management), PortalOne (web-based credit card payment portal), ContactOne (customer retention system), ActivityOne (enterprise efficiency), AppOne (agency management), SalesOne (marketing representatives management and CRM software), LeadsOne (comprehensive lead management) and DataOne (business intelligence and reporting).

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