Policygenius Launches Wills and Trusts Through New Mobile App

The app guides consumers through the will creation process and also enables them to shop for life and home insurance.

(Detail of Policygenius mobile app for creating wills and trusts. Source: Policygenius.)

Policygenius, a New York-based online insurance marketplace providing customized insurance purchasing advice and individual insurance policy sales, has announced the launch of a mobile app that lets consumers create wills and trusts conveniently on their phones. Consumers can also shop for life and home insurance from the app, creating a mobile one-stop shop for key financial protection needs, according to a Policygenius statement.

“Our customers are busy people committed to securing financial protection for their families,” comments Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder, Policygenius. “They’re often thinking about making an estate plan at the same time they’re considering securing life insurance, but knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. We developed this app as a way to provide people with a simple, digital way to handle multiple important financial decisions in one place.”

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and Co-Founder, Policygenius.

A Policygenius survey found that 60.4 percent of people don’t have a will, even as nearly 40 percent of respondents said they feel it’s more important to get a will because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  About one in four (24.1%) said they don’t have a will because they haven’t had time to put one together, and more than half of those respondents (62%) were parents. To address this concern, Policygenius says it designed its app to break down the will process into small, manageable steps that take five to 15 minutes each. Every step in the process is also accompanied by educational content to help consumers understand the process and customize their will to their specific needs, and dedicated Policygenius representatives are a quick message away to provide further support.

“We’ve seen strong results from our unique mix of digital convenience, human support and educational content,” Fitzgerald adds. “Now, we’re thrilled to bring those same principles to the estate planning process, as we continue building out new ways to modernize financial protection for today’s consumer.”

Policygenius reports that it worked with attorneys across the country to ensure that each will is thorough, legal and customized to each state’s requirements. The app is available today for free download on iOS and Android.

Step-by-Step Creation with Educational Modules

The Policygenius app walks consumers through the process of creating a will step-by-step, with educational modules designed to deepen the user’s understanding along the way.

With the Policygenius app, users can do the following, as quoted from a Policygenius statement aimed at consumers:

  • Build your will: The app walks you through the important decisions you need to make to get your estate planning right.
  • You’ll designate your executor, select a guardian for your children, appoint beneficiaries for your personal items and more, with each step broken up into manageable chunks of time so you can return to the process as your schedule allows.
  • Create a will with the Core package, or create a will and revocable trust with the Plus package.
  • Every package includes a healthcare directive and financial power of attorney.
  • Get a helping hand: Whether you have process questions or just want to dive into the details, the Policygenius library of educational guides is just a tap away.
  • Make it official: Policygenius will send you a digital copy and a paper copy of all your documents, with step-by-step instructions on how to make them legally binding.

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