Ray Caucci, CEO on Vantis Life’s Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Caucci talks with IIR Editor Anthony O’Donnell about Vantis’ DTC middle-market mission and how technologies such as Sureify and Docusign are supporting a fully digital customer experience.

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Ray Caucci, Chairman and CEO, Vantis Life Insurance Company.

Ray Caucci was named CEO in December 2018 and his being tasked with overseeing Vantis Life’s move into direct-to-consumer sales, and his responsibility to oversee the implementation of related underwriting technology. In this Insurance Innovation Reporter podcast, Anthony O’Donnell speaks with Ray about Vantis Life’s mission to pursue the middle market through direct sales, how that market differs from parent company Penn Mutual’s target market of affluent consumers, the technologies supporting a fully digital customer experience at Vantis—such as Sureify and Docusign—and how Penn Mutual is supporting the endeavor.