People’s Trust Insurance Expands TechCanary Deployment

The Florida homeowner insurer initially used the Salesforce CRM-based platform for its external sales team and agency relationships.

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People’s Trust Insurance (Deerfield Beach), one of Florida’s top 10 home insurance carriers will expand its use of TechCanary’s (Milwaukee, Wisc.) Salesforce CRM-based Insurance Platform, according to the vendor. Due to the success of the initial TechCanary implementation to support the People’s Trust’s external sales team and the relationship with agencies, the carrier has chosen to expand the platform’s use to its internal direct sales group, TechCanary reports.

John Kavaliauskas, Director of Customer Acquisition & Marketing Technology, People’s Trust.

People’s Trust’s use of the TechCanary platform jibes with the carrier’s pledge to provide “Simply a Better Way” for its customers, according to the vendor. The carrier’s internal direct sales group, which resides in its call center, will use the platform for direct homeowner insurance sales.

“After our initial experience with the TechCanary platform and seeing what it was able to offer our sales team it was an easy choice to expand our use to support our internal direct sales team—a key corporate asset supporting our ongoing effort to make it easy for our customers to do business with us,” comments John Kavaliauskas, director of customer acquisition & marketing technology, People’s Trust.

More Streamlined Sales Flow

TechCanary  says its technology will help People’s Trust monitor its internal sales process from lead to conversion in a more effective way, similar to its agency process, which will help provide insights for improvements and a more streamlined sales flow.

“It’s always great to sign new clients, but it’s even sweeter when an existing client confirms the value of your offering by deciding to expand the implementation of the platform,” comments Reid Holzworth, TechCanary CEO and founder. “We have established a great relationship with the People’s Trust team and look forward to continuing our work with them to ensure the success of their expanded use.”

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