Pegasystems Launches Development Programs for Partners and Client Users

The programs encourage and enable people to build with Pega, helping to expand the vendor’s developer ecosystem to ensure that clients have greater access to innovative solutions.

(Pega CEO Alan Trefler speaking at PegaWorld in Las Vegas, June 5, 2018.)

Pegasystems Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.), a provider of customer engagement- and case management-focused software, announced at its annual PegaWorld user group conference that it has created online development environments for the company’s partners and clients. The Pega Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program enables its partners to independently develop in its digital transformation suite, Infinity. The Pega Community is an online development community that lets Pega users of all experience levels to build software without coding.

“We’re looking to expand our ecosystem by changing the way people build software and redefining who gets to build it,” comments Don Schuerman, CTO and VP of product marketing, Pegasystems. “The ISV partner program provides full support for new and existing partners to easily and effectively build Pega-based solutions that meet client needs, while Pega Community provides Pega users with the resources to learn how to develop on Pega, as well as a community of people to connect with and discuss Pega projects. Both of these programs encourage and enable people to build with Pega, and will help expand Pega’s developer ecosystem to ensure our clients have even more access to innovative solutions that drive their business forward.”

Pega Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program

Pega designed the ISV program to empower partners to help clients who seek to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to meet increasing customer expectations. The vendor says the program will rapidly expand the portfolio of Pega-based products available to clients in existing and new markets.

Don Schuerman, CTO and VP, product marketing, Pegasystems.

The ISV program will welcome a select group of leading technology providers, and clients will be able to further extend and augment their existing Pega solutions from a certified library of new solutions, while qualified partners benefit from accessing new business opportunities, according to the vendor.

Once accepted into the program, Pega says it will provide ISV partners with the ideal environment and tools to independently build, modify, and integrate with Pega’s technology. All Pega-based solutions offered by ISV partners will be available on Pega’s online software marketplace, Pega Exchange. ISVs will work with Pega to develop content and market their solutions to increase visibility.

Pega reports that the program will be led by Rupen Shah, VP of independent software alliances and strategy. In this newly created role, Shah will focus on building the ISV partner ecosystem across all Pega Infinity solutions and vertical markets to build on the company’s leadership and growth in the cloud and CRM markets. Pega Infinity includes Pega’s industry-leading application development platform and customer engagement applications.

“As Pega’s business continues to grow, our ecosystem must also expand to meet our clients’ increasing needs,” comments Shah. “The ISV program is an essential part of this growth, which will give partners full access to the untapped potential within Pega Infinity. These solutions will enable our clients to become more competitive and accelerate time-to-market, all while leveraging and extending their Pega investments.”

Pega Community Program

The Pega Community program for the vendor’s clients is also designed to provide access to the latest resources aimed at optimizing use of its Pega Infinity digital transformation suite.

The vendor says that Pega Community aims to change how software gets built and redefine who gets to build it by providing an engaging educational resource for Pega’s no-code development environment. The site offers resources to business users and veteran developers alike to help them quickly drive successful digital transformation projects from start to finish.

“Members can stay current with Pega technology, enhance existing skills, and take their careers to the next level,” a Pega statement says. “Pega Community allows developers to network with each other to share ideas and discuss projects, while providing Pega clients with a prime resource to find people with the necessary skills needed for their next project.”

Pega Community officially opened on June 5, 2018, offering the following, by the vendor’s description:

Pega Launchpad: New Pega users can engage with several core ‘missions’ to help familiarize them with Pega and accelerate their learning, at their own pace. These missions include a look at key Pega capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics; designing effective applications to meet users’ goals; tips on leveraging Pega Community; and more. Users will soon be able to earn badges they can attach to their profiles as they complete courses, learn new skills, and quickly gain confidence to develop solutions on their own.

Pega Community Profiles and “Find a Pega Pro”: Newly expanded profile pages enable Pega Community members to build their personal Pega brand and connect with other developers and potential employers. Profiles include project history, areas of expertise, and availability status for new projects. Additionally, users can showcase their achievements with their official verified Pega certifications, as well as badges earned from completing courses, attending events and seminars, demonstrating product knowledge, and more. Through the new “Find a Pega Pro” tool, Pega’s industry-leading clients can search within their own organizations to find available Pega developers who match the skills and qualifications they’re seeking. This tool will help Pega Community members looking for their next project to market their skills and find exciting new career opportunities.

Project Hub: Project Hub gives users a comprehensive, centralized source of information, guidance, and tools needed to run successful Pega projects. These continuously updated resources – from basic to advanced articles, to templates and role-specific resources – bolster success by helping users accelerate projects, ensure app quality and relevance, and drive agility. The information is structured around the project lifecycle and key capabilities for fast and easy reference. For the first time, users have access to all the delivery insights cultivated from more than 35 years of Pega consulting projects.

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