Pega Infinity ’23 Enhanced with New AI and Automation Capabilities

The innovations, which support the concept of the ‘autonomous enterprise,” will accelerate development, optimize processes, and improve experiences for employees and customers.  

(Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pega, on stage at PegaWorld iNspire 2023 in Las Vegas. Photo by author.)

Pegasystems Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.), today announced at the PegaWorld iNspire  annual conference the latest edition of its Pega Infinity software suite with new features that will accelerate low-code development, continuously optimize existing processes, and create effortless experiences for employees and customers alike, according to a statement from the vendor. These new capabilities will help organizations on their path toward becoming an autonomous enterprise so they can innovate faster, increase productivity, and personalize customer experiences while reducing costs and manual work, according to a Pega statement.

“Achieving maximum productivity while delivering incredible customer experiences has been a long-coveted goal of organizations as well as a promise of many technology solutions, but many still aren’t practically applying AI and automation in a way that gets the job done,” comments Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pega. “Pega Infinity ’23 is providing enterprises with integrated AI, automation, and low-code technologies across the entire suite of solutions to help organizations reach a level of self-optimization that results in better experiences for employees and customers.”

Pega places the availability of the latest edition of Pega Infinity in the context of a time of economic disruption during which organizations are challenged with cutting costs while also innovating to meet industry and customer needs. The concept of the autonomous enterprise addresses these challenges by unifying AI and automation to help organizations become more self-optimizing to drive maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the Pega statement says. New capabilities in Pega Infinity ’23—the vendor’s flagship software suite providing AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation capabilities—is designed to help organizations unlock new levels of intelligence and autonomy.

Pega previously announced Pega GenAI, which will provide a set of 20 new generative AI-powered boosters across Pega Infinity ’23 to make it even easier, faster, and more powerful to use. Pega’s approach will help organizations leverage the power of generative AI while building controls, governance, and auditing to keep humans in the loop. Pega GenAI will offer a secure, plug-and-play architecture that will allow for low-code development of AI prompts, the ability to infuse generative AI functions into their workflows, and the freedom to swap in different large language models, the vendor says. Pega says that this approach will help users drive value from generative AI now and into the future.

In addition to new generative AI-powered boosters, Pega Infinity ’23 will also include updates to Pega Platform,  Pega Customer Decision Hub , and Pega Customer Service. Highlights include the following, as described by the vendor:

Develop applications faster and intelligently route work to accelerate innovation and productivity  

Reuse Library in App Studio: A new reuse library will enable users to easily discover and share reusable components to accelerate professional developers’ projects while empowering citizen developers to make effective and governed use of pre-built business logic, integrations, AI models, and other features unique to any given enterprise.

Constellation UX: Pega’s design system, Pega Constellation, offers more engaging, accessible, and intuitive user experiences all in a low-code, flexible architecture. With Constellation, users can seamlessly scale application designs with the latest built-in design components, templates, and patterns. Additionally, automatic updates follow Pega’s latest best practices to help ensure applications are in top shape.

Enhanced Accessibility Compliance: With a focus on Web Content Accessibility Guides (WCAG) 2.1, Pega Infinity ’23 will offer standard accessibility compliance in its out-of-the-box features, along with design guidance built directly into authoring tools so users will be able to create even more inclusive applications.

Process AI case categorizations: New AI capabilities will predict the class and category of a particular case, categorize data to implement client’s chosen data classification categories, and route and assign work to the proper individual. Additionally, users will be provided with related context so they can get up to speed and resolve the case as quickly as possible. This will help avoid re-assignments and save valuable costs and time while providing better experiences and trust in AI effectiveness.

Improve customer engagement with better personalization, speed, and transparency 

More agile 1:1 operations: New features will improve the operations experience for marketers and business users including One-Time Actions, which rapidly creates new messages for specific audiences to address a distinct and immediate need, such as an emergency notification. Additionally, enhanced Persona Management will enable users to automatically create customer personas for more efficient testing and validation of next-best-action strategies.

Strategy optimization: Users will be able to achieve higher decisioning accuracy with new features including Conversion Modeling, which will use adaptive models to better determine a customer’s propensity to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or finishing an onboarding journey. Additionally, an enhanced capability for testing and deploying machine learning models will help users conduct field experiments with specific models for high-value use cases and complex interactions to determine success. Once satisfied, users can easily activate those models with a single click.

Enhanced Always-On Insights: New capabilities like Feature Finder will allow clients to configure Pega to turn customer data into actionable insights by continuously scanning data to identify new predictors as they arise (e.g., finding and using the feature “contract expiration date” to improve propensity to respond). In addition, new integrated Identity Management capabilities will improve the use of prospect and customer data for more complete profiles and relevant actions. Enhanced Integrated Identity Management capabilities allow clients to merge customer profiles and behavioral data across channels to create relevant, holistic 1:1 engagement while implementing their compliance strategies.

Optimize customer service and agent experiences 

Seamless integration of Pega Customer Service with any design system: Clients will be able to leverage the latest Pega Constellation APIs to more easily integrate Pega workflows and knowledge articles into portals or mobile apps built in any modern design system. This will provide the flexibility to use existing technology with Pega Customer Service for more consistent, end-to-end customer journeys across applications. For example, clients can embed Pega self-service workflows to automate resolutions from start to finish for faster resolution and better customer experiences.

Agent productivity components: Users will be able to improve effectiveness and reduce new agent onboarding time with features including a new simulated digital customer that will help agents roleplay with automatic performance feedback. Additionally, automated summarization of customer interactions will minimize manual notetaking and agent wrap-up efforts, saving customer service organizations time and money. A revamped agent desktop will deliver an updated, visually compelling, guided agent experience.

Pega Process Fabric connectors: Users will be able to better prioritize and manage work across the enterprise with connectors that integrate Pega Customer Service with Pega Process Fabric to unify discoverability and prioritization of work. Customer service agents will also be able to easily view and action work from any Pega application.

Pegasystems says Pega Infinity ’23 will be available in Q3 2023. It will also be demoed at the annual PegaWorld iNspire conference being held this week, June 11-13, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

The Age of the Autonomous Enterprise is Coming—Pega Research 

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