On-Demand Webcast. Payments: The Moments of Truth That Make or Break Customer Retention

Insurers building digital engagement capabilities have much to gain: few competitors have made much progress, and even small improvements in customer satisfaction can add up to huge gains in revenue through the effects of customer loyalty on retention and cross-selling. Leading insurers have developed engagement strategies to communicate with customers through their preferred channels around important stages of the customer lifecycle, including onboarding, endorsements, renewals and claims. However, most insurers have continued to struggle to integrate payment capabilities into a holistic digital experience.

Payments are among the most important “moments of truth” for both parties to the customer relationship, whether for outbound claims disbursements or inbound premium payments, but they present special challenges. Customers don’t distinguish between payments and other communications with their insurer, and in fact are likely to see them as more important than others. Insurers can meet this existing demand while driving improved

In this one-hour webcast sponsored by One, Inc. and broadcast by Insurance Innovation Reporter you will learn how to:

·      Make payments part of an event-driven digital engagement approach;

·      Integrate inbound and outbound payment capabilities to core insurance systems;

·      Avoid credit card-related liability through tokenization and routing;

·      Reduce print and mail costs while increasing customer satisfaction through direct deposit.