Pacific Life Collaborates with SS&C Black Diamond to Serve RIAs

Pacific Life Trade Management, powered by the SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform, lets Registered Investment Advisors leverage Black Diamond’s technology directly.

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Pacific Life (Newport Beach, Calif.) has announced its collaboration with SS&C (Windsor, Conn.) Black Diamond Wealth Platform, a prominent portfolio-management and data-integration provider, to offer Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) a streamlined experience for managing the investment options in their clients’ Pacific Life advisory variable annuities. The combined offering is called Pacific Life Trade Management powered by the SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform.

Jeremy Couch, Director, Advisory Integrations Solutions, Pacific Life.

“RIAs told us they wanted the ability to manage and trade the investment options in our advisory variable annuities similar to how they manage their everyday investment portfolios,” comments, Jeremy Couch, director, advisory integrations solutions, Pacific Life. “With the help of Black Diamond, we’ve made that happen. RIAs can leverage Black Diamond’s technology directly on the Pacific Life platform in a way that’s familiar to them. It’s a much faster and easier process.”

In addition to a streamlined portfolio-management process, Pacific Life Trade Management powered by the SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform features what the companies call robust trading capabilities such as portfolio modeling and trading. Pacific Life says it expects to see a swift uptick in the number of RIAs using its advisory variable annuities now that barriers to using these tax-deferred strategies have been removed.

Addressing RIAs’ Demand

Doug Mantelli, VP, Consumer Markets, Pacific Life.

The Pacific Life/SS&C collaboration responds to an industry-wide trend whereby many commission-free annuities have become easier and more transparent for RIAs to use and are growing in popularity. Pacific Life’s advisory annuities have no surrender fees and allow RIAs to bill their advisory fees of up to 1.50 percent annually directly on their clients’ annuities without creating a taxable event or reducing benefits. The company’s advisory annuities also offer access to institutionally priced investment options.

“We’re proud to be the first annuity provider to team up with industry giant Black Diamond to offer this kind of advanced trade-management platform,” comments Doug Mantelli, VP, Consumer Markets, Pacific Life. “As a leader in the RIA channel, we’re continuously innovating to make doing advisory annuity business with Pacific Life a refreshingly different experience for RIAs.”

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