OWIT Global Launches Advanced Version of Integration Microservice

New cloud-based microservice provides a single, configurable interface to convert and transform incoming and outgoing data.

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OWIT Global (West Hartford, Conn.), a provider of insurance-specific microservices solutions for the global insurance industry, has announced the immediate availability of its new version of the Integration microservice which is designed to support the industry’s need to create and manage system integration needs.

“The explosion of insurtech vendors and solutions, as well as the continual aging of insurers’ legacy systems and an increasing need for external third-party data, has made ease of integration a necessity for organizations looking to level the playing field in terms of available features or functionality and to extend the life of fragile, rigid legacy core systems,” comments Wendy Aarons-Corman, CEO of OWIT Global.

Wendy Aarons-Corman, CEO, OWIT Global.

The OWIT Global Integration microservice contains insurance-specific, pre-programmed interfaces to popular insurance services, such as CoreLogic MSB, Experian, Google Geo, Maprisk, and OFAC, the vendor reports. It also includes pre-programmed interfaces to popular industry solutions. The vendor adds that OWIT Global’s Integration microservice provides the ability to configure the connection to any relational database, for example, OneDrive, Excel, and external rating engines.

OWIT Global reports that the microservice supports XML, JSON, Value, Excel, CSV, with SQL data scheduled. The data elements are managed through the integrated OWIT Global Rules microservice and through a “no-code” tool to define the massaging, conversion, and transformation of all incoming and outgoing data. All OWIT Global microservices use the integration microservice to connect with each other and with external systems. Additionally, by leveraging the OWIT Global Integration microservice, insurers can configure and alter integrations between internal and external systems, according to the vendor.

Common Insurance Integrations

“Today, most insurers require programmers to code dozens of integrations between systems, both internal and external,” Aarons-Corman adds. “Our goal is providing an integration service that provides common insurance integrations to ease the process. If an insurer has something new or unique that they need to support, we can quickly add the integration into the service. And, because microservices are leveraged within our own solutions, insurers who license OWIT Global solutions, can reuse the Integration microservice for other projects.”

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