OpenText Release 16 Digitizes Business Processes to Manage Information from Engagement to Insight

Deeper integrations within the OpenText platform and with key applications from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and SAP, enable the flow of information inside and outside of the enterprise.

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OpenText (Waterloo, Ontario) has announced Release 16 Enhancement Pack 2 (EP2), the second enhancement pack for OpenText Release 16, the company’s digital information platform that  the vendor says enables customers to digitize any business process and manage information flows across the digital enterprise. The vendor, formerly known as Documentum, asserts that OpenText Release 16 continues to facilitate the flow of information for the digital enterprise from customer engagement to deep business insight across the OpenText portfolio of software and its ecosystem.

Mark Barrenechea, CEO & CTO, OpenText.

Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO, OpenText.

Among the enhancements included in the new release are new user interfaces for increased usability, along with more intelligent search, embedded analytics and reporting, and mobility for better experiences. Focused on cloud optimization, mobility, smart UI, automation, flexibility, self-service, and creative collaboration, EP2 is designed to provide customers with productivity enhancements as well as deeper and broader integration within the OpenText platform and with other leading business applications, a vendor statement says.

“Today’s disruptive digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things and the Intelligence of Things, have radically transformed both enterprise and consumer spaces, re-shaping our expectations of how we work, collaborate, and conduct business,” comments Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO and CTO. “Our capacity to generate and collect information is greater than ever before, and deriving meaningful insight from that information is the next major transformative activity for business. With OpenText Release 16, we offer customers deeper insights into the information flowing inside and outside of the company to open up new possibilities in their business and set the stage for success.”

“The additional enhancements offered through OpenText Release 16 enable a significant step forward in enterprise information management,” adds Muhi Majzoub, executive VP, Engineering, OpenText. “OpenText empowers our customers to manage and secure their information flows both inside and outside the organization. With Release 16 EP2, we offer customers the features and enhancements they need to take their digital transformation strategy further and uncover valuable insights in their information that will lead their business to success.”

Enhanced Productivity

OpenText’s announcement offers the following description of “significant enhancements” to user productivity enabled by EP2 across Release 16:

Experience Suite: EP2 delivers a single, unified CCM platform and upgrade path for all Exstream and Communications Center (StreamServe and PowerDocs) customers. A single platform installer as well as support for multiple document design tools and composition engines enables customers to continue using their existing documents and templates while taking advantage of the new system and its expanded capabilities. EP2 also introduces a new secure, cost-effective deployment of cloud-based outbound voice and web surveys for OpenText Qfiniti Survey that improves Voice of the Customer insight by linking survey responses directly to corresponding customer interaction. Survey templates include Bain & Company certified NPS question definition and customizable brand attributes.

Muhi Majzoub, EVP, Engineering, OpenText.

Muhi Majzoub, EVP, Engineering, OpenText.

Business Network: New mobile support for Active Orders enables customers to review, accept, or reject orders on the go, and provides support for order management workflow for the mobile workforce. Additionally, a new Business Event Notification service provides real-time alerts and improves productivity with accurate and timely status notifications.

Process Suite: Design time improvements and security enhancements simplify and speed application development.

Content Suite: Enhancements to the Smart UI simplify workflow, collaboration, viewing, and records management. EP2 also includes new data visualization and reporting widgets, a new mobile experience, and deeper integration with Microsoft Office Online. Stronger control and governance offer new ways to intuitively add and manage metadata. eDOCS 16.2 will enable single search from the Outlook ribbon that returns all content in the users Outlook mailbox and DM library.

Discovery Suite: Decisiv 8.0 includes the first release REST API with secure full text and fielded search and a range of other capabilities for a broader range of Decisiv deployments. It also includes document relevancy display and document comparison features, as well as more flexible Smart Filters for even better search results and analysis.

Integrated Information Flows 

The vendor describes new integrations included in EP2 across the OpenText portfolio as follows:

Business Network: Active Invoices with Compliance, Active Intelligence, and Active Orders have been integrated with the latest Trading Grid platform, while Trading Grid Analytics and data blending capabilities have been extended to all Trading Grid Messaging (TGMS) customers. RightFax, Fax2Mail and Notifications have also been integrated with OpenText Analytics to power improved reporting and analytics for on-premises and cloud secure-messaging customers. New integration with Process Suite delivers BPM in the cloud, giving customers the ability to automate unique business processes and support complex integration requirements. EP2 will offer Active Invoice with Compliance (AIC) customers the ability to auto-provision non-EDI trading partners based on introspection of invoices submitted via email attachment.

Process Suite: Integration into Extended ECM has also been improved so that low-code applications can create tighter connections between content and business processes.

Deeper Ecosystem Connections

EP2 brings additional ecosystem connectivity with new connectors and solutions, according to the vendor’s description:

Experience Suite: A new integration of OpenText Media Management with Adobe  Creative Cloud enables designers to reuse media assets and streamline creative processes. EP2 also introduces a direct integration of the Marketo marketing automation application with OpenText TeamSite for improved campaign experiences.

Content Suite: Extended ECM platform offers stronger integration with leading applications including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), SuccessFactors, Hybris Marketing, and Archiving for Oracle EBS. Other enhancements include Lightening & Salesforce 1 UI/mobile support, VIM Integration into S/4 Hana Cloud, and improved Business References to strengthen visibility, functionality, and bulk operations via Extended ECM.

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