Octo’s Glimpse Plus Tag-Based Telematics Solution Improves Insurance Data Quality

A tag sensor identifies drivers, reduces smartphone battery usage, and provides crash capabilities, including detection, instant FNOL, and incident reconstruction.

(Image source: Octo Glimpse Plus page.)

Octo Telematics (London; Newtown, Mass.), a global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry, has released the Glimpse Plus solution, which improves upon the Glimpse solution by adding a tag sensor. The solution now combines smartphone and tag, improving the quality of telematics data collected.

Nino Tarantino, North American CEO, Octo Telematics.

“Successful technology adoption is based on quality and value, but also ease of use, all of which we address with Glimpse Plus,” comments Nino Tarantino, CEO, Octo North America. “We dedicated a lot of resources and time to create a better, more reliable and easier-to-use telematics solution for the consumer policyholder, and one that also delivers higher quality data for scoring and claims management to the insurance provider. With our fully automated solution, users can simply download the app, connect and go.”

Capabilities of Glimpse Plus include the following:

  • Pairs with smartphone for driver identification and data transmission;
  • Improves reliability and accuracy of data collection and risk event detection over smartphone-as-a-device model;
  • Adds crash detection, instant first notice of loss, and crash reconstruction capabilities;
  • Drastically reduces battery usage over smartphone-as-a-device model; and
  • Detects vehicle trips and events even when the smartphone is not present in the vehicle.

Tarantino cites the prevalence of smartphone use as a factor in making the device a useful tool for telematics solutions. Glimpse Plus adds the smartphone user experience to what it calls the intelligence of a tag to identify drivers, drastically reduce smartphone battery usage, and provide crash capabilities, including detection, instant first notice of loss, and incident reconstruction.

Highest Quality Standards for Telematics

The tag sensor, which an Octo statement says is easily installed in the vehicle, connects with the user’s smartphone, making the detection of trip events and data extremely reliable, even if the smartphone is not in the car. The high quality sensor allows the usage of Octo’s proprietary algorithm to detect, validate and reconstruct crashes, enabling insurers to reduce their claim cost, as well as providing a better user experience, the vendor explains.

“The accelerometer that is included in the tag is one of the highest quality standard for telematics and is calibrated with the vehicle,” Tarantino adds. “This far exceeds the quality of the accelerometer included in the smartphone and the ‘position/calibration’ of the smartphone in the vehicle.”

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