Octo Telematics Link Program Connects Consumers and Insurers

The new service is uses the Octo U smartphone app to connect drivers and insurers, providing insurers with data to price risk more effectively and efficiently manage customer relationships.

(Octo Telematics smartphone app. Image source: Octo Telematics.)

Octo Telematics, a London-based provider of telematics services, has launched The Octo Link Program, which provides a cross-industry platform for what the vendor calls simple and secure sharing of driver telematics data, enabling direct communications between the two parties. The Link services are based on driver scoring and contextualized risk analytics collected by Octo U, a direct to consumer driving behavior app. Octo “links” these consumers with insurers, providing insurers with the data to price risk more effectively and efficiently manage customer relationships.

Mauro Cantoni, VP, Insurance, Octo Telematics.

Mauro Cantoni, VP, Insurance, Octo Telematics.

Insurers license the program, gaining access to consumers using the app. In the pre-launch phase, Octo Telematics is working with five insurers on Link in the UK, Germany and Brazil, with more to be signed in the coming months.

Octo characterizes the Link Program as an attempt to create a digital ecosystem providing greater transparency, and ultimately a better relationship between insurers and their customers by offering the following:

User Connection Program: An affinity program to reward Octo U users. Insurers are able to advertise within the Octo U app and become part of Octo’s community by offering a discount or reward.

Lead Generation Program: This provides qualified and enriched contact lists that can be used by insurers to build and manage new customer acquisition programs.

Lead Connection Program: This speeds up the insurer’s customer acquisition process and makes it more efficient by turning prospects into contracts through marketing initiatives directly managed by Octo.

Telematics Switch Program: This provides insurers with the path and option to ‘switch’ new and existing customers to telematics based policies allowing continuous monitoring of driver behavior and risk assessment.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program: Octo services for insurers that provide a loyalty program that is supported by digital marketing and gamification of telematics that seek to address challenges in markets with high churn rates.

“The Link Program has been designed to support any motor insurer regardless of their interest in telematics,” comments Mauro Cantoni, VP, Insurance, Octo Telematics. “The Link addresses the complete lifecycles of a customer relationship from acquisition through engagement to retention. Using our Link Program means that, not only can insurers take advantage of a built-in telematics user base to diversify their portfolios, they can also accelerate their plans to ‘go digital.’ In today’s marketplace consumers are used to managing finances from their smartphones and it makes sense for this to be adopted with insurance to develop a stronger, more valuable direct connection with their customers.”

Octo positions its offering as supporting digital transformation for its partners and the insurance industry as a whole, creating a new alternative to aggregators for consumers and insurers. The platform automatically updates with driving data rather than the manual input of static data that current aggregators rely on, Octo reports.

Octo says its aim is to increase the adoption of telematics by consumers and insurers by providing an easy-to-use platform.

Forging Better Relationships with Clients

“It’s important to us to support market growth by giving both large and small insurers a new digital way to approach customers, whether they manage that themselves or through us,” Cantoni elaborates. “The emphasis of The Link Program is very much on using our technology and the investment we have made in our consumer base to provide value for the insurers. Consumers can also win with the Link, not only with initial discounts but by having their driving behavior and loyalty rewarded.”

“Working through Octo’s Link Program means that insurers are able to forge better relationships with their clients,” Cantoni continues. “Not only are they approaching the right people, at the right time, but they can take full advantage of a wide range of data to make sure they are offering customers the very best insurance package. We fully believe that, through the platform, insurers can inspire the loyalty of drivers by working with them as partners, rather than simply viewing them as customers and suffering high churn rates driven by the aggregators.”

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