NTT DATA and DigitalGlobe Collaborate on 3D Vector Building Models

The agreement, which extends and existing partnership, will combine NTT DATA’s elevation Expertise with DigitalGlobe’s high resolution imagery and GBDX platform capabilities.

(Image source: NTT DATA.)

NTT DATA Corporation (Tokyo), a global IT services provider, and DigitalGlobe, Inc. (Westminster, Colo.), a provider of geographic imagery and information have announced an agreement to extend their strategic partnership to produce large-scale 3D vector building model datasets, called AW3D Metro.

The new agreement enables the combination NTT DATA’s elevation expertise with DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution imagery and platform capabilities to create what a joint statement from the vendors asserts is one of the highest resolution 3D datasets that offers significant coverage and rapid delivery timelines.

Amy Minnick, SVP and General Manager of Commercial Imagery, DigitalGlobe.

NTT DATA, as provider of the AW3D series, will create off-the-shelf 3D vector building, vegetation and bridge models using DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX) and imagery, the joint statement says. GBDX, a cloud-based tool with access to DigitalGlobe’s 100 petabyte imagery archive, can harness machine learning algorithms to revolutionize traditional 3D production models. By using NTT DATA’s cutting-edge algorithm on GBDX, the two companies will be able to develop AW3D Metro in a more cost-effective and timely manner, the statement says.

These vectorized datasets are designed to appeal to a variety of entities with an interest in an IoT enabled, connected world, including insurers, government organizations and automotive industry companies. The datasets will enable them to make decisions with confidence on projects such as connected device management, navigation visualization, insurance risk mitigation and smart city planning, the vendors say. NTT DATA and DigitalGlobe report that the partnership will initially produce 3D texturized vector building models with better than 1 meter accuracy within Japan and other areas of commercial interest.

NTT DATA’s experience in building elevation products began with AW3D Standard in 2014. AW3D Metro adds to the NTT DATA Elevation portfolio, which includes the high-resolution AW3D Enhanced products based on DigitalGlobe imagery. NTT DATA and DigitalGlobe’s relationship began with the Information Partner Program (IPP) partnership in 2014. The companies expanded their partnership in February 2017 when DigitalGlobe became an official distributor of AW3D Standard products.

“We are delighted this expansion of our strategic partnership allows us to add the game-changing AW3D Metro to our portfolio,” comments Shinichi Usui, senior VP, NTT DATA. “By leveraging GBDX’s ecosystem, we will be able to deliver these high-resolution 3D datasets to our customers more quickly, which will help our customers transform their operations into more future-capable and sustainable businesses.”

Vital to Smart Cities, IoT and Autonomous Vehicles

“3D building models are vital to the design and implementation of the infrastructure that will fuel smart cities, IoT and autonomous vehicles,” comments Amy Minnick, senior VP and General Manager of Commercial Imagery, DigitalGlobe. “Therefore, we are excited that NTT DATA selected GBDX and our imagery to further extend our IPP partnership.”

“This new agreement demonstrates the power of bringing our industry-leading high-resolution satellite imagery together with the computational capabilities of GBDX to create innovative, cost-effective and scalable solutions for our partners,” Minnick continues. “We look forward to NTT DATA using our products to enhance their expertise in creating vector datasets, especially in metro areas.”

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