Noblr Launches Reciprocal, Behavior-Based Auto Insurance with Colorado Debut

Operating on a reciprocal exchange model, Noblr offers individualized rates based on driving behavior recorded on a smart phone app available for both iOS and Android.

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Noblr, a San Francisco based reciprocal exchange that offers driver behavior-based rates, has launched for business in Colorado. The company offers individualized rates based on behavior recorded on a smart phone app available for both iOS and Android. The company says it plans to open for business in other states in the coming months.

Gary Tolman, CEO & Co-founder, Noblr.

“With a dynamic population of people who are on the go and who care about making our world a better place, Colorado is the perfect location for Noblr’s launch,” comments Gary Tolman, CEO & Co-founder, Noblr. “We believe that it’s time to leverage the latest technology to make insurance a lot fairer and more transparent for the benefit of good drivers and our communities.”

Noblr reports that its behavior-based pricing is calculated in real time through its app and measures how well and how much a policyholder drives. The company says that good drivers are able to save up to 51 percent on premium. As the company’s name suggests, the Noblr app is designed not merely to offer lower rates but to incentivize better driving in the individual and collectively in a virtuous cycle.

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Customers as ‘Active Partners’

Noblr says that its customer-centric approach is driven by its reciprocal exchange insurance structure, enabling customers to help guide the company’s direction as members. “True to the saying ‘the customer knows best,’ we feel that our members are integral to us not only as users of our product, but as active partners in our company,” adds Tolman. “Our community of responsible drivers will earn price savings and create safer roads together.”

Coverages offered by Noblr include Collision and Comprehensive, Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Uninsured Motorist, Medical Payments, and Roadside Assistance.

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