NIIT Technologies Joins Duck Creek Global Alliance Program

As a Delivery Partner, NIIT Technologies will implement, enable and optimize the Duck Creek solution for carriers worldwide.

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NIIT Technologies Limited (Gurgaon, India), a global IT solutions provider, has joined Duck Creek Technologies’ (Columbia, S.C.) Global Alliance Program as a certified Delivery Partner. The Program comprises delivery, solution and technology members whom Duck Creek recognizes as playing a crucial role in providing complementary software services and solutions to insurers of all sizes. As a Delivery Partner, NIIT Technologies will implement, enable and optimize the solution for carriers worldwide.

Lalit Dhingra, U.S. president, NIIT Technologies.

Lalit Dhingra, U.S. president, NIIT Technologies.

Duck Creek describes NIIT Technologies as a firm which over the last decade has built a panel of experts who understand the nuances of the software suite and provide industry-leading counsel and support for configuration. The vendor adds that NIIT Technologies has enabled the integration of secondary technology solutions to incorporate data and targeting tools so companies can optimize their offerings for enhanced customer service.

“Duck Creek Technologies continues to be a market disruptor for the insurance industry through its continuous innovation of the platform and ability to make the entire industry more efficient,” comments Lalit Dhingra, U.S. president, NIIT Technologies. “With this partnership, we are building upon an already strong relationship so that any company utilizing our services to implement Duck Creek solutions will have access to the most up-to-date resources and information possible.”

Duck Creek reports the services that NIIT Technologies will provide its customers include the following:

  • Implementation and configuration of the entire Duck Creek suite of software, which includes skinning, form establishment, server configuration and client-specific product definition.
  • Extensions and enhancements for increased insight into data, which includes integrating Duck Creek with other NIIT Technologies offerings such as performance monitoring to enable customers to better understand how processes are working.
  • Complete training for customer’s team members, which will allow new users to become engrained in the technology and quickly learn how to use the system appropriately.

“We are excited to have NIIT Technologies join our Duck Creek Global Alliance Program as a certified delivery partner,” commments Michael A. Jackowski, chief executive officer at Duck Creek Technologies. “Our solutions can help insurance companies transform their operations, but we realize many companies do not have an on-site technical staff to implement and optimize our software. For this reason, we are partnering with trusted companies, like NIIT Technologies, that will work with us to help customers obtain a competitive advantage and realize success.”

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