NIF Group Selects Instec Policy System to Capture New Program Business

Familiarity with Instec on the part of the program administrator and its carrier partner made for a speedy implementation with minimal training requirements.

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NIF Group (NIF), New York-based program administrator has selected the Instec (Naperville, Ill.) Policy system to launch a new program with a national carrier partner.

David Daniels, President and COO, California, NIF.

NIF Group is a program administrator known for expertise in specialty and niche exposures. The company has an exclusive, national program for the non-profit social service industry and also offers programs for public entities, artisan contractors, bowling centers, and specialty homeowners.

Late in 2018, NIF partnered with a program carriers and one of its longtime broker partners with extensive contractor and landscaper expertise to launch a new program for professional landscapers, a market they collectively identified as underserved, according to an Instec statement. NIF turned to Instec for its policy management system, based on prior experience with the vendor on the part of both NIF and its carrier partner. From past projects, Instec already had the carrier’s rates, rules, and forms in its extensive content library, making for a an efficient implementation.

The Need for Speed
“We needed to move fast on this program,” comments David Daniels, President and COO of NIF’s California division. “Our carrier and broker partners wanted to go after the opportunity before others moved in to fill the gap. Instec was a natural choice because of their reputation for short project cycles.”

Randy Paez, CTO, JenCap Holdings.

NIF’s familiarity with the policy management system and Instec’s carrier content provide for a quick start and a shortened project timeline, the vendor reports. The implementation began in early December 2018 and the system was in production by early February 2019, the vendor reports. Because of NIF’s familiarity with the system, training requirements were minimal.

NIF is wholly-owned by JenCap Holdings LLC (New York). The offering will be sold through an affinity marketing agreement in conjunction with an agency partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

“We are excited about the prospects for this new program,” comment Randy Paez, CTO, JenCap Holdings. “This is one more example of JenCap and NIF capitalizing on its management team, sector knowledge, and reputation in programs to expand its portfolio. Selecting a partner like Instec to bring the program to market will help us accelerate that process.”

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